3 Keys Strategy On How To Succeed In Life And Anything

We often hear by the end of December or January 1st, most people are planning for the New Year resolution.

It comes in mind the rush and hurry to look quick back what they are missing in life.

What they don’t have and get some pain inside of not having able to reach certain point in the past 12 months.

They all want to look for how to succeed in life and anything during the New Year coming…


Actually I totally agree with each every person that makes that little move within them. For me personally it means that person was not satisfied with what they have done.

A conscious self-reflected act makes them see some unaligned result in seek, a deep want and feel the need to change it.

I don’t know in which moment you stumble upon this Post.

For saying maybe you know somebody like that. Or maybe you and I are related to this type of behavior.


But the question is how often that happens and the resolution staying for good.

According to statistic… 90 percent of all New Year resolution failed within the first two weeks and 5 percent sustain till February.

Here we can say there is a huge problem that prevents people follows through with even what they say they need.


Is it really difficult to Succeed?

When we look at all those people that looking for to succeed in life, either in career, business, relationship, improve life condition like health etc….

Make us ask ourselves this question:

What is takes to succeed in life?

Nowadays at the moment in life that we are living. There are much more resources that even existed in the whole life’s humanity.

If you are looking to build up your career,

there are so much available in terms of information that you can find in other to growth in knowledge and even practice what you are learning in and at the same moment of your study.

If you are looking to build a business there tons of information and study that you can make to learn everything you need to know about businesses.

Even it is easy to find so many business concepts, business Map, business strategy etc.…


If you are looking for having the best relationship as a couple, as parents, or social relationship.

There are all available teaching method and information related exact to what you are specific needs.

One of the big big one for all humanity is always looking to improve the health quality. Most people have this resolution every year and multiple time during the year.

But it is sad to see that 99.9 person of those that make this plan and had this goals barely pass the February.

Let’s stop now for a moment.

Does is really difficult to loose weight? Does it really Difficult to loosing weight?

I bet with you no matter where you are reading this post right now, there are within 2 or 3 blocks, even 10 or 15 minutes near by you a Gym, a fitness center, a Swimming pool, a Park, somewhere close there are a sport field.

And even you can download home base training, application for fitness right in your house.

Does it really difficult? I bet you know the answer.

If we look back 15, 20 years back. I wouldn’t be so direct to even put this in writings because it wouldn’t be that obvious.

I would probably be a fool that just inventing stuff.

But don’t take my words for granted make the research by yourself and look, pay very good attention, very close and you will see for yourself.


Now Let’s go for succeeding in life

I take the chance to claim and guarantee that you can succeed in anything you want and desire the most in life if you just be true with yourself, have a big reason for why you want that things.

No matter what could it be. If it something inner self and or materialistic things.

The truth behind achieving what you want in life doesn’t have any exception.

Remember if you have a big “why”; mean that the reason to reach what you want not only will satisfy you and but will also benefit, affect the human’s life in good way possible and contribute to others that are around you.


3 keys Strategy that will make you succeed in life.


I know some people is thinking it is really like that simple and easy… to succeed in life if it were 3 things that is need to do. I would already be “ This“.

I would already have everything in life. I would be the next “ ONE”.

I don’t know for sure what you have done. And what you had intended to be achieving before. But after a long time study those that are the wealthiest and achievers person in the world.

Has those 3 in common and that get them to the level of success they had accumulating years after year.

I wish I knew this way back before. That I could have start to practice this.

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# 1 Key: Have a Goal!

It might be so simplistic for you, and you might hear this term so many times but you never look up to it, to really understand what is it.

Maybe miss out to catch what exactly you need to get in mind to properly see your life in a far from a distance to better direct your daily path in the right track that will lead you to the high meaning to live by and live for.

Have a Goal in life is had a point designated to arrive.

It’s an objective to attain, is have where you must get, a target that must hit, its have a result you need to score, is have terminal you need to reach is have a plan design to achieve.

Have a goal is aiming something, is aspired to become something’s or someone. Is the purpose for doing something that is worth so.

No matter your industry or the kind of you life you are living here are what is and must be the starting point for what ever you want for you life.

Again it’s crucial to have a Goal


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#2 Key: Be Determine Enough!

For what ever you want in life there is something you need to become in order to get what you want.

If you want to be a doctor you need to study medicine, if you want to tech guys or girl you need to study technology.

If you want to be a musician you need to learn to music.

If you want to become anything you absolutely need to learn to become it. It’s a process!!!

“Be able to sacrifice what you are to what you can become”- Eric Tomas

Be determining is established the self-authority to go for what you want. Is learning to the way to get what you are looking after?

It’s finding out everything possible about what you are searching for by getting all the information.

Is alternates by your decision until you find the best way possible. Is doing what ever it takes to resolve things.

You are determining enough when you brought out and extracted the best result need for success.

For succeeding in life  you need to become resourcefulness, mean find way to fix what is difficult by demand more of yourself to be able to solve what we all problems.

Be determine enough is going to the deep of soul of achieve the kind of you life you want for.”


#3 Key: Take Massive Massive Massive Action

It’s probably one the most important key that most people are very low-level result from everything we do in life. Yeah we always do things and most people…

I am not pointed finger; each one of us has moment where we don’t do what we need to do at the level necessary. We kind of trying as we usually say “ I will try”.

Instead of I am going to do what ever it takes.

This is what taking massive action means. Is doing way more than everybody including yourself expect from you. Is demanding a large amount of effort way beyond any expectation.

Is preforming in your activities with the strongest and solid volume of strength?

In a real term mean, “Give all your guts”.

You are wondering why you can’t get the result you want? Why you are failing each and every time.


But you never ask yourself:

Why you never give all your BEST?

Why you never give all your GUTS?

Why you never GO ALL IN?


This is what we all miss out. This is where the opportunity left us behind. This is where success gets so hard and hard to achieve.

This where we think we have done everything but in reality we have done 1 or 2 things over and over again that never give us the result we want to and it keeps us in delusion that we could never achieve success in life and in anything.

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This is my gift to you this Year. Or at this moment you are living. If I knew this 3 keys strategy to succeeding in life before and start to implementing them in all area in my life.

Sure it would take that long to be the person I am today. And I am truly grateful to share this with you.

Remember as so many have done before, you and I have to live by some of the great example.

Not only today but for every single day in life.

If I can ask something is to start at this moment this 3 key strategy to succeed in life and anything and apply them in different areas. Practice them, above all share it to others and get what you want in life, help others get what they want.

Together we can improve each other’s life.


Ernst Cenege

Author: Be More To Be A Better You




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