4 Powerful ways To Beat Fear And Get What You Want

We all in our life face with a lot moments of getting by. We have something that hold us back., that dread our life from moving forward.

Regardless where you are at the stage of your life,

we all had or have that moment of fear and not knowing if we can do that and most of the time we  already pre evaluate the situation, and say to ourself:

we not even have to try because we will not able to… And this is a false front statement and this is fear.

There are powerful ways to beat the fear and we can learn strategically how to eliminate them.

So many time we try to fight with our inner self limits or lack to justify that we don’t have to put ourselves in a position to do the things we had to do.

But when we get to the source of the cause that produce the setbacks, we realize they are just things that we made up for ourselves.

When we look at the children, they just jump into some of the things not because they know but because they fearless.

No matter what happen they still going to do it or even try to do it.

As we grow, we fall back on the lies that we get from our peer groups.

Either from school, friend, families, teachers and the society that for long have been stopping us from getting into life with our potential or better our will.

They stop by judging you and put people on category that completely base on their own interest and prevent you from developing more the aiming from the first step.

Sometimes it might be for the safety purpose and other time from not realize that you are made with potential of creating and realizing things from stepping in the doing mode.

We cannot deal, cope, eliminate or even beat the fear without understand what is the fear we have and what we are fear of …

Different type of fear.

1- Fear of Failure/ didn’t succeed
2- Fear of loss/not having the freedom
3- Fear of rejection/ the disappointment
4- Fear of not enough/the unknown
5- Fear of being unqualified/ridicule
6- Fear of Criticism/ being judge
7- Fear of death/ having the pain
8- Fear of poverty/being in misery
9- Fear of being lonely/the loss of love
10- Fear of commitment / not follow through

Inside the human mind there is always this inner voice that is there to questioning.

“ What would be happen if … ?”

These whispering in our ear make us see in front that we don’t have any control over nothing.

As our mind is a mechanism of survival, mean our brain is a system that is helping us to be in safe place, which is looking for the safety and avoid the risk.

It bring the easy part that is not try because “you might not”… And that raise the question

“what is you don’t realize it?”

“what if you lost?”

what if and so on…

So many time we had see people that suppose to have resources making mistake of not try or making bad decision.

We wondered how come? And how could it be possible that was a bad decision …

and we ask ourselves is there somebody else make that decision for them?

The human brain work with the logical stand point that it always want to have fact.

Otherwise there are this unsure and make you really think that if you don’t have the facts that mean “know from point A to B ” mean you don’t have control and if you don’t have control, you know that you are up to fail.

From that it brings the mental blocks.


This is mostly when we stop from moving forward even the task or what we want to reach is not even require so much and such scarcity.

It just close our life and ourselves to discouraging you from trying.

At that stage or moment we get ourselves to that, our brain increase the limitation inside that showing us in case something might turn wrong linked to lower our belief by causing a strong negative effect on us.

And all our effort it’s obvious come to not try anything, try to stay apart, avoiding to get suffer, avoiding the negative responses from the outside, or to preserve, conserve our image from social.

We tend to look for way to justify our behavior just to fit and get acceptance even for what the norms did or didn’t “give us chance”.

Some people live with those fears and there are become part of their life, who they are or we can say who they become.

If you are reading this, its mean you have been in situation that your fear had hold you back and you really want to know to conquer the fear.

There are some specific, natural and powerful ways that you can overcome and beat the fear inside you.

Here are 4 powerful ways to beat your fear.

1-Fear is Human.

We need to see from different point of view and different perspective what Is going on in our life. Don’t forget we are human and will live by emotions.

Those are what we all have In common. Fear is human, no matter which stage you are in life, as some point you have been in the situation where you didn’t know what to do or where to go cause you have been so concerning about the outcome, in other terms what is going to be happen…”the end of result.”

“Most people are willing to avoid the lose and regret instead of risk to gain the outcome.”

This anxiety, this mix of feeling not knowing if it safe, or if you have to take the risk or avoiding it, didn’t have something to reassure you that everything was going to be fine.

Just because we don’t want to lose or be regret after .

2-Understand You Might Not…

One of the big problems that many of us have, we think that we have to do the things we do right all the time.

We think that we have to win the game each time.

We think that we cannot or should not make mistakes at all.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”- Albert Einstein

In this life or if you are a human being, you are going to make most of the time a lot of mistakes and I need to tell you that is fine.

You just have to learn from all the mistakes that you make. See them better as they are.

Instead of sabotage yourself for the mistakes that you make, you better see them as new ways you know that something is not working as Thomas Edisson say it.

3-Questioning Your Fear.

One of the best way to get out of Fear is to face it.

Don’t do as usual or what most of us do. We run away from it.

We try to hide. Even though it’s in us.

The genius Albert Einstein says: Learn each day from our fear and the important things is not to stop questioning.

The best question you can ask when you face a major challenge that you are afraid of doing.

Something ask youself:
“What worst could be happen?”
“What is will cost you if you do nothing?”
” What are you are afraid of?”

You need to come up with answers by the way one of the great way to get out quick of the fear you have, is asking that same question multiple time.

And come up with multiple different answers.

4- Act On It and Do The Things Your Fear Of.

Most people including me and you spend a lot of time thinking and thinking about the things.

And do the very less that we suppose to do.

The best method to eliminate your fear; it’s to do what exactly you fear of.

If you have fear about public speaking that is one of the biggest things that most people are afraid of. You get to start to speak, speak and speak with anyone.

You need to start to move yourself on the comfort zone of avoidance and start putting yourself in the zone to do what ever it takes…

A Definition of FEAR is : False, Event, Appear, Real.

Most of the time we are afraid and frightening about something unreal.

And the things that we fear of are nothing just exactly what we were going to do, your mind and self-limiting belief just prejudge the situation to stop you from even take the first step.

Just to make you believe that you are not going to make it through, or you will not win, or you are not good enough, you cannot have this, you are not successful, you are not trustworthy, no body will agree with you, you are not special, you don’t have enough skills, you don’t know how to even to do it, you don’t have money, you will be able to make money from it, etc….

So on and so on…

This is what happens to the mind right in the moment. All those just to stop you.

The faster way to beat your fear instead of let it beat you, is to right away put yourself in action. Start to do it and do it, what ever you are afraid of.

The worst that could ever happen is missing the shot. if you miss you get to try again and again until you get it right.

As Mark Cuban says it… “IT doesn’t matter how many time you have failed, you only have to be right once.”

Just make something until you get to the momentum and you will be removed all the block that were in your imagination by the time you get to the reality all gone.

Remember what ever you fear is unreal; it just beat you before you beat it by doing it. Don’t get beat up by your fear, instead the only things you should fear of it fear itself.

Ernst Cenege

Author & contributor.


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