41 Important Life Lessons You Wish To Learn By 20’s And Before Turn 30’s

 Important Life lessons you wish to learn by turning 20’s before 30’s


Life is a constant learning process each and every day. But there are some moments you face with situations that get you stuck, blocked your way at some to point, by not knowing what to do, you are struggling with a long period of time and you wish you had learned the lessons needed to apply to the particular occasion.

Mean there are some things if you knew before you could have find the way in order to anticipate your current problems that suddenly need to be solved.

Have you ever been wish you had learned some important lessons in the past? Or you wish someone had teach or give you a little piece of advice from what they had learned through experience that might be the same case that you would benefit from now.

In fact there are a lot of things most people learn by them own very late when they face in deep problems and difficulties by trying very hard to deal and put so much effort out of themselves, the finally learn what to do in that life circumstances.

Maybe if you had know and understand a little bit better, I you had enough experience on how things work , you wouldn’t loose so much time try in the research the knowledge and wisdom necessary to apply in practical way to your life.


Here some most valuable and important life lessons you wish to learned by turning 20’s and before 30’s


1-Time Is Passing By

You have today that you are living, enjoy etc… but also there is tomorrow will come you will have to do some else or it will be another day different than today. “What you could to today that will contribute to a better tomorrow.”


2-Things Won’t Always Come The Way You Want Them To Come.

Sometimes you will face with disappointment and you will not meet all the time with your expectation. It is not everything you want, you will get. In fact most the time you will get something that you don’t want .


3-Pain is temporary

You might be suffer today. You might not have all that you want today but the sun will rise tomorrow. There will be your moment in life where you can be shine. You will be able to accomplish something because you gain experience in life, by growing each and everyday.


4-You Always Have A Choice To Be Made

The direction of you life is proportionating to the choice that you make. And even sometimes we stay life doing nothing by not wanted o decide to do something else, doing nothing is also a choice that you make.


5-Don’t Waste Time But Invest In Time

Usually we pass our days doing only what is look like a demand of other from other. And the free time are just passing doing things that not have any form of create something better for us. We just spend it others agendas, meanwhile a lot of those time could have been use for our self development in order to grow mentally or physically. As the old adage says : “time waste never recover.”


6-Fear Is Illusion

What is about the things that we fear. We often fear something even way before it happen, instead of face what we fear and we will find out what to do in the moment. The only things that we suppose to fear is “fear to not let yourself to be fear.”


7-Money Is Not Everything.

With the topic of money there are a lot of myth and misconception. Most people are chasing money and they already get in short about it and never had enough. As one of the richest man put that way: “Money is just a buying product.“ money is just an exchange of what you have earn, give or trade. There more and way more that just   money but you need money to be use. As pay your substances and your utilities ect…


8-Take Good Care Of Your Health Condition.

You health can be your biggest asset as it been say. Without if you can be functioning. You need to make sure that you really and protect your health condition because is what will permit you get anything live.


9-Believe Is Your Command

Everyone belief is what is real for them. What you believe become your reality. Everything you do is base one what you believe it is for you..


10-Love Is The Reflect Of Our Life

Love is the feeling that we express to everything we desire in life and it is from what we build and create everything we affect by . but as well to love something and someone that come from our decision of what we choose to love. It always our choice to someone or something.


11- You Are Responsible For Your Act

Everything that happen have something to do with what you or what you have done. If you have a victory you are reward for it. If you have a defeat you have not enough that lead you to that defeat. You need to assume the responsibility for what is good when they come and as well you have to take responsibility for what it’s coming wrong.


12- Your Past Is Not Equal Your Future

Not matter where you come from, what you have done, no matter what is your current status, no matter your gender, etnic or religious you have you did in the or yesterday don’t have any effect on the way your future will be. But if you aquire enough knowledge and invest well in your past you could create a better future.


13- You Become What You Think About Most The Time

You thought is a machine that receive the command that you set it to. What ever you think about the most will become you reality. It will become what it is true. It will become like real identity of what will occur. The actuality!


14- Don’t Fall In Trap The Comparisons With Others

We live in a moment that appearance count so much. And a lot people look at what others life is about, in order to see themselves. Many times we don’t know what others people went through in the course of them life.


15- Life Is Short Be Intelligent With It.

How do you live your life today not yesterday? Are you being effective and efficient with it? Are you just spending it in your lifetime? Are you really living the dream that you really want to live?


16- Better Time To Start Tomorrow Is Prepare Today

Preparation is the key for a better deliver. Before you opt to anything you need to take time to prepare. You are going to have a better tomorrow if you the today time to prepare all that you can to make that you will be better set up. Prepare before everything you are planning to do and you will thank yourself.


17- A Positive Attitude Is Better Than Negative

You attitude will be what determine how much you going to do to reach what is in front of you. A negative person will not do much to reach cause way before he think that he will never be able to get to the highest level. Positive attitude will boost your level of emotion to give more of yourself and to give your best.


18- You Cant Change The Event In Your Life

There are a lost of phenomenons of life, events, difficulties tough situations, struggles that we face in our life that we cant change them and even prevent them, we cannot do nothing to anticipate them sometimes but sure we can always find the way to embrace them in and take advantage of them, learn from them and find a way to create our way out by not fight against them.


19- Ask You Shall Receive

Everything that someone need is already exit or need to be create. You need to ask for it. You need look for who that have it that you can ask for it. If could be you need help of something but you need to ask for that help. Or if it no exist yet maybe if you ask it can be build. The reality is if you don’t ask you will not be able to receive. Ask you shall receive.


20- Don’ t Take Anything For Granted

You might not know in the moment what something mean but you could be really surprise of what after all. By the fact you didn’t know nothing about someone shouldn’t take that person for granted, you might not knowing who is that person in from of you. Everything and everyone have a why, and what of the reason why they are like the way you see them.


21- Don’t Put Off  Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

We have a lost of time that we let go things and we put off doing something that we should have done today by tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow already bring new things and we overwhelm that what you put off meanwhile we could have get done it instead of let it pass under. You might not knowing how it is going to be tomorrow. Stop putting off for next time what you could use the right now moment to get it complete.


22- You Can Never Please Everyone

In life there are things that we do that going to please some people, other will criticize it, other will benefit from it, order will judge and be jealous of it. What ever could happen you need to remember not everyone will be ok with what you do. There will be always people that will not be agreeing with you.


23- There Are Things That Money Can’t Buy

Money is a medium of get it a lot of things, it can buy you a lot of goods and services. It is a very good tools that you help gain a lo freedom and choices but there are some other stuff that money can’t buy and cant be solve with. Money can buy you a lot of toys, luxurious and materials but cant buy you a lost of member of love ones back etc……


24-Life Is Not Always Fair

In life there are a lot of mysterious moment, some hard, tough and difficult and some are ore easy and don’t require too much. It can be good for some people. And some other are passing through a lot difficult and you probably ask why sometimes. The reality is life is not always fair to anyone. Some people are lucky in some are and others are unlucky in them particular area.


25 – It Not All,  Always Happen To You

Its true that we, as human being, we mostly see thing just in one straight life as it always happen to us when it come in the way that we don’t like if there are not align with what we want. We complain about. But things happen to everyone no matter who and where. We need to see thing in other angle, it is not always happen to you ( good or bad) it happen in a way or another to everyone.


26- Nothing Is So Perfect

Many people waiting things are so perfect before they make a move that could contribute them to a better self. Or to helping others. The real deal is there will not be a perfect time, or such perfect thing. Everyday there will somehow something that need to be update and upgrade. It can’t be perfect. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t t do as much I as your can to make thing in the best way possible. It doesn’t mean that you should make things in the most mediocre way. Always look to do your best that you can and that become the best person that you can become.


27- There Are Always A Lesson In Everything

When all that you do going wrong and not knowing and seeing what you can do. You can be assuring that there are at least something that you can be learned about the situation. Even in the wrong moment something good that get out of it. What we stop to look at things just in one way and put them into a perspective manner will be more able to detect what it is something greater that you can benefit from the current moment.


28- Your Destiny Is What You Make Of It.

The paths to your destiny come from each and every little decisions and choices that you choose to make of it. All the experience you going through and the direction that you will take will lead you exactly to your what will happen to your future.


29- Be Yourself

You can try to learn and modeling other in what they have done that you admire and touched by. But you can always find a way implement everything that you have learn in your own way without being someone else. You don have to be like everyone else. But learn all that you can, from every good sources that you can apply them to your own way by always being yourself in the you do things .


30-Cultive A Sense Of Gratefulness

Gratitude is a very good state of being that express you strong appreciation about life or someone. Is sense of joyful of what have been don’t. gratefulness is one of the key point of happiness.


31 – What Ever Don’t Kill You, Make You Stronger

A lot of time we face some hardship, tough time that we have to make also tough decision. We pass under circumstances that we don’t see and even know how we going to get out of them. But remember those moments are moments that you learn a lot and the most about life. Everything it is hard to move your way in life, it also a good way for you to grow, improve and become more and more stronger. Hard core time will not kill your but ratter will make you be the stronger person that you can be.


32- To Find Your Way, You Need To Show Up

Many people wonder why they don’t have what they want and deserve in live. In generally we don’t usually get what we deserve. Instead we find what we want in life each time we show up to seek for it. To get what you want you need to show up for what you want.


33- The Best Investment Is What You Did In Yourself

How much do you invest in yourself? How much do you invest in your mind? How do you invest in your personal development? How that you invest that could help you grow exponentially? The most and fast return from your investment is what you did in yourself. You are the best asset of your life, the most valuable investment that you could make is equip yourself with most resource and knowledge that will serve you for the long course life that your are living each day.


34-The More Your Fail The More You Will Win

Most people feel bad for themselves when they fail to do something. For some is the biggest disappointment when they fail to achieve what you were looking for to achieve. But in every failure that lessons that you have acquire, there are a lot of win that you get in different for of what is not really work. Failures give you the advantage of what you know that is not functioning well and proper. Be willing to fail and to fail fast.


35-Excercising Will Build Your Muscle

Exercise of all sort is important and crucial for human live. The more you exercise physically, mentally, spiritually will help you build the muscle that you have in those area. And your health condition will better fit In any field or any part of life, body you need to improve and grow, it absolutely important to exercise in it. It will be your power for when you need to use it.


36-Have A Passion In Life.

So many time people are doing thing because is what is happen to them to do but not really love and enjoy doing it. That is why sometimes people losing a lifetime where they are not really develop and expand themselves. You need to find something that really excite you, that you don’t have any problems to stay up doing it because you really found yourself doing it. Really feel you go all in to do what you want to do without someone is forcing you. It come from you naturally each you found yourself in it you performs so well and better that everything else you do. It become your mission because you find yourself the joy and happiness to give something that from within you.


37- Idea Worth When Is Executed

There are thousands of ideas that be one of the next piece that could serve the humanity in a greater manner. But there are worthless because no one have been executed. No one had put some action to make it what it could be to impact the world. Practice of executions will not only serve someone but it could be affect the good life of the entire surroundings.


38- Don’t over complicated.

Many of us looking sometimes to impress others by what we do. We try make things so complicated that even we not arrive to understand it our self. We over complicate what we need to do and came up many times with disaster. Meanwhile we could have done a better job by putting the simpler and softness way possible to create a beauty of the work that we do. The more simple something can be is also the most clear and understandable that it could become for each and every one that get in front of it.


39- It Never To Late To Do Something That Matter

we hear sometimes people that get in a situation where they back off the track. Because for them there are no reason to keep doing and make something. They get by the myth that is already too late. There are not more that can do if you don’t doing in right now. You still have the time because you still exist. The better is right now when you are thinking about it. There is no age of doing things and there is not a specific time to realize something big. Every one use those excuses them reason to not even try.


40 Every Little Steps Count

Every step you take is a way to get more and more closer to reach and attains a goal, dream or something that you had desired. The little bit of something will create what tomorrow will become giant things. Take a step each and everyday your will be astonish how and greater result and improvement that you acquire.


41-Hard Work Pay Off

You have to put the hard word in place in everything you want to accomplish. To finish your task you need to work hard. As in any industry of field in life, the big pay off come through the hard work that you do when others don’t. remind your self to work had in every part of your life.


So much that you could learn in your life today then ever. You might have been wasting a lot in the past year. As long you going through the day and after day you gain so much experience that serve you and benefit with some situations most needed, Some  important life lessons and advices are just to get you a little bit of better.

N.B I would want you to share below what have been some  good life lessons that you have learn that could benefit others.


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