Five Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People That Will Change Your Life.

You might wonder sometimes what makes the difference in people lives. Some have tremendous success in their career, professional and personal life.

But others have found struggling with health, relationship and what there have expected to achieve.

We have found from studying there are somehow things that relatively makes the difference between successful people and certain habits of successful people do that set them to achieve a lot, be happy, productive and peace of mind they want to live.

Highly successful and effective people have some particular way to make decisions that improve the quality of their lives.


“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”- Brian Tracy


Have you been familiar to some goals, desire you set yourself to, some plan you know that you have to follow and never going through them; Or not being able to keep going with those plans?

One of the most areas that many people are facing big difficulty is the fitness industry (weight loss, Gain muscle, being fit, being healthy, wellness).

Some Parents are looking for the best way to influence their children and teach them to value of the study, make them homework; some doing poorly in academically level etc…

Are you one of those that have a subscription of any kind, or enroll in some courses, training that still not follow through?

Some leaders, managers are trying to train their teams and employees to be as effective as possible, proactive in initiate the duties carried out, more responsible in completing their task as it been assigned.


Do you feel related to any of these situations or this kind of problems?

The human being a trigger sometimes seeing others achieve some successes and gain rewards.

And feel as well can easily come up with a short period of time some effective outcome in a high level of a result and attain tremendous success.

We know all that happened to everyone that emotionally want to have overnight success. They’re first of a random positive mental attitude that only last at the moment.

The pressures the emotional fight and state of being teasing to know that they also can by just being so enthusiastic about their personality come up with the quick fix solution to do the same.

There is nothing wrong with being positive and enthusiastic about wanted to do something and attain a certain level of success.

In fact, success never comes up in the negative or skeptical way. You must believe with all your strength and the work needed and with the right actions taking to be able to get anything done.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but an habits.”


But there are the behind the scene, you can have together with your attitudes right, your behaviors and the techniques that many time what people are looking for, That alone cannot assure you to succeed.

The truth is no matter how much you work on positive thinking to encouraging yourself, realizing and embedding the works, efforts, and kind of behaviors at somehow still not able to stick together the puzzles.



Not able to keep what you promise to yourself, not able to follow through, can’t solve the problems.

We feel embarrassing with disappointment, worries of not having reached the goals, having achieved not much, nothing seems helpful and feel not capable of getting what you want.

All were ineffectively incapable of succeeding our expectation.


“All Change start within.”


After some studies and researchers examined found that the concept of our deepest feelings shape our perceptions through the way in which we see, interpret the world, handling problems and concerns.

First to change anything or change any type of situation we first need to change our perceptions of the way we see our self and things effectively.

The approach of solving problems and understand the impeccable way successful people do what they do in the most effective way go beyond of the emotions pattern.

They have a high level of awareness that defines their vision, objective and their intention in order to understand their strength and weakness:

  • What are they capable of?
  • What will be their responsibility?
  • What roles do they play in the course of life?
  • What is the identity their trying to establish?

Human nature, by contrast, is a combination of certain habits, pattern, principles that form and create both character ethic and personality ethic type, serve and represent as foundation and ingredient of all success.


The character ethics are Courage, Integrity, simplicity, Honesty etc.…

The personality ethics are Positive Attitudes, Behaviors, skill, techniques etc.…


The habits that we develop, practice at a subconscious or conscious level has a big and powerful influence on our behaviors.

Determine where to focus on our efforts, capabilities and own unique potential to cultivate the drive that leads to bringing inner peace and confidence with the motive of shifting our own perception in the process of change.


“Successful people form habits that feed their success, instead of habits that feed their faillure.” – Jeff Olson


We are so consumed in finding easy techniques, strategies and any quick fixing point solution in reference of reaching our destination, to be able to avoid frustration, headache, pain pretending to manipulate the effect of failure, looking for some shortcut to success.

To better create a lasting change, reach our goals, become high achievers it’s important to work on a roadmap, a model viewpoint of the world, how we perceive things to better understand and interpret our perceptions with accuracy;

that allow us to make a real difference between the way things are in other terms what is our realities and the way things should be that is our values.


“We are what we do repeatedly, therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


We all know that adapt to bad habits can significantly take away the opportunity to get what you want in life.

In the other have good habits can increase and help you create a positive impact and accomplish your biggest goals.

The ability to stay strong, controlling, and maintaining your determination to practice good and effective habits will be your willpower that guarantees your future success.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen R. Covey is recognized as one of the most influential published business and self-help book on that subject.


Here are 5 habits of highly successful people.


They Prepare In Advance.



The world most successful people take the best use of their time way back to get a better start. They plan for tomorrow and prepare for the next days the night before.

Any days without an action plan will be mostly unproductive and many wastes of time that could have served for the better.

They go through a list of activities that they intended and want to accomplish, spend sometimes to roadmap they vision on it and have a better clear understanding on how and what will be the first and necessary step to walk through the day or a new project.

Success people plan ahead everything the will do.




They Have Strong Daily And Morning Rituals

Everyone has a certain routine that we learn from growing that are common sense to life.

As well to live more effective way as all successful people do have daily and morning routine that structure there all day, doing everything considering as the most important to them.

Most well-known CEO today wake up before 5:30 am. Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 a.m Tim Armstrong AOL CEO wake up at 5: 00 to 5: 15 am, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns wakes up by 5:15 a.m. Padmasree Warrior chief Cisco’s Former CTO wake up at 4:30 Am. Disney CEO Robert Iger wake up at 4:30 am. New Jersey Nets youngest NBA CEO Brett Yormark wake up at 3:30 am. In the article



Famous successful people start the day with Meditation, to read, to write, plan out the day.

They have a great self-control, know what they have to do in order to attain the most out their life.

They have a strong discipline to follow through with any project of maintaining their success.



They Read Books



Reading in the best way to expand your knowledge and it is an essential element to success. Warren Buffett one of the richest men on earth spends 80% of his time reading.

The world top entrepreneur read every day to train, increase their skill and improves the quality of their lives. Top 500 companies CEO’s read an average of 60 books a year.

Through reading you gain and develop so many experiences, techniques at a conscious level that sharp your intelligence.

They have a constant learning curve and desire for knowledge.



They Brainstorming/ Networking


A top entrepreneur is active in searching for a new innovative way to mastering skills and brainstorm their knowledge.

They are problems solve, always look for a solution, seek an opportunity where seems not to be by taking calculated risks.

They possess a creative mind and associate with others like-minded people to generate a new form of ideas for advancing closer every day to reach their full potential.

They are very good trustful supportive.

Surrounding your self with the best challenge you to grow fast and become better. The highly successful people enhance the habits that lead to incrementing ideas muscle.


Great and persuasive communicator

 Apple Special Event
Apple Special Event

One of the best quality, habits of successful people is the ability to communicate well their ideas with other.

The confidence to express themselves in a persuasive way that inspires others.

They use a friendly tone of voice that attracts the listeners and become likable in their conversation.

They have excellent communicating skills that strongly make them great persuade.

They know how to get along with others through representing their ideas in such way that differentiates them from the rest.



There are specific habits that affect your life in a good productive way, they set you up to maximize the well being, and fit you mentally strong, your welfare, emotion and physical state that involves taking good care of your health condition.

Other habits that badly lead you to an unproductive lazy state of being.


Create a new identity by implementing the right habits in your daily routine will expand everything you do and being on track of outsourcing the best value of your time, effort and your actions that by all means habits of highly successful people.



Ernst Cenege

Author Be More To Be A Better You



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