5 Proven Ways To Loose Weight Fast And Belly Fat Safely .

Weight lost has been a very big challenging for most and a lot of people.

There are many ways you can find to loose way. In fact there thousand of thousand websites if the category health with tons of content specifically weight lost.

How to loose weight fast can be very frustrated, painful and even devastated sometimes.

Some people try to follow a bunch of diet plan that might have some result in some specific gender or metabolism.

There are so much that someone can do to loose weight fast. With all of the strategy and proven weight lost available for anyone.

Some people find them motivation to lose weight in other person ( Coach, Trainer, friend, peers). Meanwhile some others have difficult to get the purpose driven in weight lost motivation.

In every areas in life, career; whoever want to succeed need to develop self discipline to get you going each time you feel low energy to practice and act on your demand.

However weight lost work well for those who are really want to put in practice constantly for long period of time that it become a way of living, not something they are try and try to.


To be able to get so much result in a short period time, it’s essential and base on the science

  1. -You have to exponentially increase and improve your metabolism health working system.
  2. -Decrease and break down in an amount significantly your level of appetite and starve.

If you arrive in a place that you can follow through and understand this quick point and highlight it as a plan that you must live by instead of procrastinate that you should follow.

You will never have to worry about loosing weight anymore.

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Here are 5 Proven Ways To Loose Weight And Belly Fat.


1-Drink more water

Everybody know that they need to drink water but most people don’t.


  • The average human adult male is approximately 69.69% water, by weight.
  • The body water constitutes as much as 73% of the body weight of a newborn infant




2- Drink Water with lemon

Water with lemon can so much benefit for you body, change your life, reduce weigth and burning fat. Lemon is so effective as digestive, detoxed your body and cleaner for your metabolism.



3- Green Tea instead Caffeine

If you are looking for a fat fighter for you metabolism, some research recommend that green tea is an incredible and powerful fat fighter.








4-Eat High Protein

High proteins food are essential for a good diet balance and help you build the nutrition necessary for your goods and healthy body.

Here are some High proteins food







  1.    Eggs  –  Cottage  –  Cheese  –  Milk
  2. Chicken  –  Beef  –  Fish  –  Tuna –
  3. Oats  –  Almond
  4.  Spinach  –  Broccoli



5- Exercise

Now mostly in every ten block away of a city you can find a gym. People are confusing when the see or heard the words exercise.










Morning exercise increase and skyrocket you mental and physical health. It prepare you to get in to your daily activities with a better and excited move as a personal inner improvement that work at a conscious level.

Exercise can be just:

  • 30 minutes walking,
  • Running or jogging







  • Gym







  • Biking







  • Swimming







As we can see that 3 of those 5 proven way is containing water. The human body contain in the average 65 to 75 percent of water. The human brain contain 70 up to 85 percent of water alone and water increase your activity level from 14 to 25 percent accordingly to the needs.

Water help you to improve your memory, concentration, focus.

For good of having the level of energy enough to function at hight and significantly, water benefit you to become more creative and grow in brain faster with clear way of thinking.

You have your way out to become more healthy with this 5 proven ways to loose weight and belly fat, fast and effective way.


Ernst Cenege

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