7 Ways To Master Yourself and Get More control of Your Life

Master Yourself And Take Control of Your Life


Master yourself starts with you! When it comes to human life interaction, there are 2 different ways that we command our behavior.

The way that we conduct ourselves on a daily basis life.

Our brain function in each and every situation presented by the controlling factor of the use both side of our brain, that will determine how much you master yourself and get more control of your life. 

  • Conscious level
  • Subconscious level

We do things consciously when we respond and act to the surroundings, our control of being aware, and having the knowledge of how perceptibly appears the event or the situation that we face.

And at the subconscious level, people usually have no idea how things happened and what it should be like their way to act and quickly perform at the highest level.

That cause some sort of results rapidly occurs.

Now take a look at yourself in each situation and understand your pattern behavior, your attitude, what kind of habit you develop, through speaking, moving, thinking and expressing your emotions.


What Make You A Better Person 

See yourself through an eye of an observatory to be systematically identified at which level that you operate; Whenever you can see yourself outside of your egocentric world that not bad because we all have a moment of those, It will make you a better person by knowing what makes a person who they are

Either with full awareness and consciously act on your craft or having automatically seen things happened unconsciously without realizing when and how your brain quickly decide what should it be.

Unfortunately, most people living their life wishing that things were going in this and that direction. And hope things may turn around for them.

We all know there are circumstances of life or some event that appear to us, we will never be able to prevent them or to change them. (Like the phenomenon of the universe or trying to change other people)

Instead of looking for ways that we can truly decide by our command what is really the need of our desire.


Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.” ― Amit Ray …


Some wondering why things never happen the way they want to have happened.

And forget that they hold their key to unlock and unleash any moving blocks that lock the opened side roadmap door.

Having control of yourself is the right direction to master yourself and become stronger.

It will enable you to craft your mind to clearly better make a decision that you design for yourself…

That is Self-mastery.


Self- Mastery is master yourself to the challenges, the hard-core time of making a difficult and quick decision.

You can absolutely be mastering the circumstances and be experiencing the changes that you wanted to see. In other terms, by creating the outcome you opt for.


Master Yourself


Self Mastery is becoming the source of control of our emotions, our behavior, our actions from the habits we develop and create.

It is having control over what we really want the outcome we are looking for to the end of the result.


Master yourself first, then everything else becomes much clearer.


All,  this is mastering our own self, our own mental attitude, and activity.

We become truly know what and why we decide what we do, what we consciously want to have (either is things) and make the progress to bring that into life.

We understand who we are and what we are capable of without any doubt, cause we fully gain control of it.



Why You Must Master Yourself 

The game process of becoming a master of yourself will enable you to discover our inner guiding light,

knowing the roadmap to get us from this point of life (where we currently are) to reach our full potential by crossing the board of attaining any dream and goals that we have (what we have within us that is burning with such desire).

But we need to get in mind as well this is in our responsibility to find our own proficient state in this journey.


When we do this we become resilient and aware internally, as we know without a shout of the doubt that we can manage our own self well and in or externally everything that goes around us.

We get distracted by the environment none proficient and the non-sense practices that usually take our eyes off and our intention on living the way we want to.


 Self-Mastery boosts the quality of your life and result by increase:


Decision/ Choice





Self-mastery is a big portion of life that will help you to improve so much the quality of your lives and also help you to increase your sense of awareness to maintain the focus.

When you get the focus you have the ultimate alignment with your core values, even though you use your fast thinking and slow thinking but you stay congruent with who you truly believe you want to be.

If you become a master of your life you will create a better inner analytic to make a good and better decision. This is how you become a better you.

The choices that you make on a daily basis will become way better than you let things happen cause you didn’t have enough knowledge to act on.

And without realizing that you merge all of your value that fulfills your whole life.



7 Ways to Master yourself and Get control of your life.


  • Rituals: You need to develop a daily practice of something you want to become good at… it could be developing new skills, work more on your talent, find something you are so passionate about that will boost your energy each and every day to follow through.


  • Meditation: Develop the habits of separate time every day to meditate, and pray by being thankful and when you live in that state of being so grateful you truly feel the mind, body, and spirit align and congruent between them.


  • Self Discipline: You will set to anything that you want to be doing with a deadline for realization. Some people fall into the trap of letting go things to put off for next time, the next day and after when you can and feel like to do it. Be disciplined on what you set yourself to …


  • Small Daily activities: build the momentum of implementing something that will create such a benefit from a different aspect of life. A business, a new career, and a new form of dedication. Something that ‘you can do to create an impact in others life, by providing services, goods and value proposition for the exchange of time, money, energy and effort. In your workplace, community and your entourage where others can truly find tremendously importance in the use of such value and quality regardless of what is worth?


  • Being presence: live the life really fully and engage in the current moment, be there at the moment when things occur. Stop being distracted by all the noise and notification that just get in every time just to take us away from now life.


  • Questioning: we often time react to things spontaneously with our subconscious automatic activation by using our emotion for multiple reasons. Because our brain is just to avoiding as an irresistible mechanism that just helps you find an easy way out to survive from the front. But we need to consciously understand and be able to discern well the reality


  • Experimenting: Once we get our self back and have a clear understanding of why things have appeared the way they present to us … we can start on practicing, exercising, and fully experimented with the application of what we know or what we have learned through observation.


Now a day people get off the track to often and so easily.


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How To Get Control Of Your Life

We lose control for many reasons. One thing we don’t think about sometimes,  we don’t know how much we really can and capable of doing more than we do. 

And second, we are not yet meet with our inner strength where our belief lives.

There is no way we can commit to doing the necessary when we are so distracted by the other life boxes(notification from all sort others people agenda). 

Our attention goes to what the outside world wants to discharge on our life.

We unconsciously get in the trap of the media noises that command all our focus and decide for us where to move and go with our mind.

We need to realize how much we lose control of our wish and command and from that, we can again find and localize the awakening of becoming conscious about what and where we want to shift our life and focus.


Get Control Of Your Life


Take control and become more consciously to a point that you can turn the dark side of your instability into an unshakable state of mind that act beyond the inner self Mastery and fully aware of everything that in progress.

But that is requiring an enormously practice and self-determination. when we do that It is only when we master the art of self- mastered.

This is kind of exercising that taking place when the awareness raises in your thought at the very moment you face the difficulty, the discomfort or the now event.


“To be a master of YOURSELF is to be a master of your thoughts and emotions”.


To be able to master yourself it is requiring to become mentally strong and fit.

Discover your inner strength and have control over your emotions by capture first the essence of what attach to the circumstances that will enable you to make a wise decision,

with the guidance of clear conscious focus when the opportunity arises.

The more you mastered your own self-approach, focus, and emotion, you will become more courageous, aware and powerful to sustain your belief and firmly rigid in your thinking process.


Start by being self-diagnose your life and really truthful with who you are, finding the necessity of being self – determined.

No matter what, have yourself mastered well the different area of your life;

The outcome shows the actions that you take,  the end result of self-mastery and the pure control over your life, that is why is important to be the master of yourself.


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