7 Ways To Master Yourself and Get More control of Your Life

Master yourself start with you! When it comes to human life interaction, there are 2 different ways that we command our behavior.

The way that we conduct ourselves in the daily basis lives.

Our brain function in each and every situation presented by the controlling factor of the use both side of our brain, that will determine how much you master yourself and get more control of your life.

  • Conscious level
  • Subconscious level

We do things consciously when we respond and act to the surroundings, with control of being aware, and having the knowledge of how perceptibly appears the event or the situation that face us.

And at the subconscious level, people usually have no idea how things happened and what it should be like their way to act and quickly perform.

That cause some sort of results rapidly occurs.

Now take a look at yourself in each situation and understand you pattern behavior, your attitude, what kind of habit you develop, through speaking, moving, thinking and expressing your emotions.


See yourself through an eye of an observatory to be systematically identified at which level that you operate;

either with full awareness and consciously act on your craft or having automatically seen things happened unconsciously without realizing when and how your brain quickly decide what should it be.

Unfortunately, most people living their life wishing that things were going in this and that directly.

And hoping that things may turn around for them.

Instead of looking and way that they can truly decide by they command what is really that need and desire.


Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.” ― Amit Ray …



Self- Mastery is master of yourself will enable you to discover our inner guiding light,

knowing the roadmap to get us from this point of life (where we currently are) to reach our full potential by crossing the board of attaining any dream and goals that we have (what we have within us that is burning with such desire).

But we need to get in mind as well this is in our responsibility to find our own proficient state in this journey.


When we do this we become aware internally and we know without a shout of the doubt that we are managing our own self well and in the externally everything that goes around us.

We get distracted by the environment none proficient and the non-sense practices that usually take our eyes off and our intention on living the way we want to.


Self-Mastery boosts the quality of your life and result by increase:


Decision/ Choice



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