9 Reasons Why Most People Fail In life, Career and Business.

It’s amazing to see people try to do something with they life. Some try to launch a business, others try to start a new career, learn a new skill, look for life balance, some try to get a better shape, to be healthy, losing weight etc…

There is some specific reason why most people fail in life and keep failing.

Some people have accomplished amazing through their time putting in work, effort, and dedication that have part of the massive innovation in every industry and a huge shift in today world.

At the other side from a business standpoint, 96 percent of all startup fail, in personal development According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions people fail by the second week of February,

In weight lost industry As far as the source of Diet’s statistic believe 95 percent of people fail. And so on …

Did you know that a staggering 92 percent of people that set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them?

Even though most people that try to reach and achieve something in their life never take a little bit time to think about it. It has never been easy for anyone start pursues a goal and dream to not fail.


One of the most important things to get in mind, any driven goal cannot be realized without a strong base and right foundation that been set from the beginning.


Most of the people that set themselves in a position to go and look after something that is important for them to achieve in their current live make the mistake of look after the shortcut mean the faster way to get what are they are looking after.

Some want to have it overnight without had to pass through the necessary steps.

Others try to find the tactics that can take them from where they are to where they want to be in the shortest time possible.


That is one of the reasons any unexpected event or any life-changing moment that happen make every one of them fail.

Because they didn’t have the right preparation and the foundation to resist.

Before you know all goals, dream, desire for what it was used to seek gone.

When we look at those statistics, there is a question or more that might come in if you are someone like me.


You would want to check this:



When you talk to the most successful people if you ask them they honest feedback about where they are how they had been able to achieve what their want.

They all will admit that they had to fail so much and eventually from those failures they have been able to learn how to get things done in their lifetime achievement.

As the human being we want and desire to see accomplishment that comes from us.

We have the need to improve the quality of our life but any time we run over and hit the wall.



Here are the most common 9 reasons  WHY  people fail

Unclear Purpose

If you go ask people around about what they want in life. Most don’t have. Any purpose and things that matter to them. Not even clear about what could exist for them in life. Not even have a goal in life.

Do you ever ask yourself: what is important to you in life?

People have no idea what their real need and what their life is about. They don’t have even the purpose that something means to them.


Limiting Belief

One of the biggest problems people face even they have started doing something and along the way when the hard time arrives they lost the conviction that they can attain it.

They completely stop themselves and not trust the process or even themselves to be able, they think that they are not good enough and come the negative part that takes away from them the belief that things are possible.

Some people always have the little voice that keeps telling them that they cant do something. You need to believe in yourself that you can make.

Avoid all the mental block that stop you.

Lack Of Discipline

Too many people get behind by not having their head right on what is the matter for them the most. Get trap by all sort of distraction and not able to really focus.

The loose control of the time when they need to go ahead.

Anything worthwhile achieving in life needs you to have full control and focus all your attention on sacrifice all the temptation around that come to make you lose sight of your goals.

Take The Responsibility

One of the fundamental in getting what you want in life is taking full charge and be responsible for your life.

Most people that don’t have what they in life always see in someone else the guilt and fault of what they have nothing.

We need to start to embrace everything by our own work and actions that every decision need to be taken by you not let if to others.

We need to accept when things going wrong or in a negative way to stand to turn it around to our favor instead of giving the responsibility others.

The consequences are ours, it’s in our ownership either to act appropriately to fix, change it and take control of it. The consequences are accepting that anything’s that need to be don’t we are the one to deal and fix things.

Pay The Price

People are so desperate and want the thing so easy. They are not willing to put the real time and effort needed to. And they forget in the top there is the ladder to climb.

There are some steps that is required to take. Things are not happening rapidly as we want.

There is a price to be paid. There is work to be done.

Most people are too comfortable and don’t want to simply feel the pain.

We often heard people said: ”no pain no gain.” You need to make some sacrifice, do the necessary and all that you need to do.


9 reason most people fail in life

Not Persistent Enough

The most people that not have been able to achieve greatness in life have one of the most common reason is that the quit too soon.

They stop themselves in the middle of the way.

Some have been getting so close to get reach the life purpose but for just a little resistance that they didn’t have made them fail to change their whole life.

People tend to give up to early without putting all the effort and the hard working.

We need to become more patient to not looking to things happen in overnight.

You need to keep digging and digging until the end. You don’t have to be in rush to let go.

Instead of keeping being like a steady rock that small and problems will not that to shake you out. Keep moving forward and keep moving the bar.

You will be amazed what will come after and specially on the way.

Stop Procrastination

We all have a moment in life where we put off things either for doing tomorrow and we know that we need them but just put it off.

We don’t want to start it or start but being lazy about until other distraction and circumstances take place and we forget.

We delay and delay them over and over again. Sometimes we try to avoid doing the task need to be accomplishing either by hesitation or fear.

It’s time to stop bringing all the type of excuse that makes postpone the thing we know that we have to do in other to take charge life we had been gifted for.

It’s the time to put off thing but rather than find a lazy way to escape from the reality, take charge about the negative things that come from time to time to make you look side of not been able to achieve and attain the outcome of the task you have been set.

Start doing what is necessary and embrace the full life.


Wrong Advice

Some people think they get it all. Intellectually they know things how it works meanwhile when they get in the field their behaviors change dramatically.

When you ask things what happen they said I thought it was like that because I used to hear that goes that way.

To who that comes from? To someone that never build, create and even been once in the fields.

We need to know exactly where to find what is relevant. Where is the right information come from?

Many people have the advice to give to the others. And always see the missing part.

But at the deep, these are people that never take their own practice or the right application for themselves.

Because you give advice you might better is it for yourself and put in application. Try to see the result yourself.

A lot of people don’t know the importance to have a mentor. Something that already succeeds in life knowing precisely the right way because they have passed on that same pathway before you.

They know were the hiding part and the block are on the way.

And without remind you that they had passed through an entire headache they can help you avoid getting those.


Do You Want It Bad Enough

Whatever some need and want in life they can have it as soon that they want it bad enough. Some people kind of want. And they are not defining really what exactly what they want.

How much do you want to succeed?

Are you having just an interest because you have been inspiring and motivated for awhile and when you get face with the real things you set back?

Most people when things get a bit harder they set back and thought that it would be easy.

Do you want to succeed badly enough and then what are you are willing to do start from right now.

Breathe the success, live it inside of you and feel it in you.

Remember that “failure is only the opportunity to begin again this time wisely.”


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