9 Steps To Start Today Transform Your Life

Could you imagine living your life where everything is possible, there is no limitation for you. That you can do and have all that you want. Some people might be wondering how to transform your life?

Nothing can stop you. Imagine yourself living that way.

There are 3 things you really need to transform your life if you really want to never worry anymore.

but you probably thinking, it sounds too easy and simple why people don’t still cannot make change for life.

when most of us asking how to change my life? others are not willing to change their mind first.


but what is it the best way that you can transform your life?


3 Things that need to be changed in other to create true transformation, breakthrough, change your life.

    • Mindset = Thought= Thinking process


    • Story = image= inner self


  •      Behaviors= action= Daily routine


Transform your life mean be able to go beyond your current lives. Changing your life come from first changing your mind and your habits:

  • The way you think,
  • the way you see thing,
  • the way you see yourself and the world


by changing your behaviors, your action, the way you talk.

The difference who you are now to who you will become when you get through life completely transform will be direct proportion to the steps you apply each and every day. The habits you conduct your life.

Until I don’t realize that personally, I need to change my life, things will never change because everything starts from first becoming the person that is helping himself to change.

The transformation starts from oneself by asking self-quality question to help you think and seek better the answers.


  • -How to transform my life?
  • -How can change my life?
  • -What can I do to change my life?
  • -How can I change my mind?
  • -What can I do start changing lives?


That is creating a personality development type contributing to personal growth.

Your life will be transformed by how much determination you have in order to open yourself in a vulnerable way of any challenges that you face.

Those are the challenges that will make you become stronger and better.

Those are the best assets you will have to learn the faster way to get yourself out from where you currently are to where you want to be.


Transforming your life has become the type of person that you never been before. You can absolutely change your life by solving the problems that you face in our daily activity.

They are a lot of challenges that you will need to take to be able to make that shift.




Step 1: Have A Burning Desire

Is having in your deep inside that wanted, that passion, this ambition for something that extremely keep all your interest.

It is having the needs that conduct your life to a definite purpose that comes from picturing you’re having something that truly you valuable and your life cultivate the strongest desire in bringing it alive.

You visualize having achieved with the highest feel and joy.

To any achieve their goals in life its extremely important to have that drive, that strong desire for what you want.

When you are able to go after your dream with such love by doing all you have to do in a passionate way.



 Step 2: Having A New Perspective.

You need to start to see thing different that they are. Have a new way to see through things. Your belief system needs to be changed.

Change your thoughts, your brain to a positive way of thinking process that helping you to conquer your mind to transform your life

What is the image you have about yourself, the world and all around you?

Create a new vision of seeing yourself living at your best. Guiding your mind toward your life purpose, your passion, what you aim for…

What do you think about yourself? Who do you think you are?

Finding a new concept about who you want to be…



Step 3- Do Things Differently

Transform your life requires to make a radical change from your behavior. Your actions need to be changed. The way you live needs to be changing.

What you do are completely different from the way you use to act and do things before.

Be willing to give yourself the chance to do all the necessary things that lead you to live a new way than past.

Dedicate yourself each day to be and give from yourself something more and than what you expect from yourself and what others might expect from you.

Take ownership of your action, anything that inspired you, that motivates you, that inspired you to pursue the dream you have inside. 



Step 4: Your Ability To Focus

When you ask most people why they do what they do. Many of them just doing what they see others do.

What is one of the reason people lose sights of what is important to them?

To achieve anything in life you need to develop the focus point. The ability to look at straight your target. What you want.

What is most important for you? What is the problem you are trying to solve? You need to focus on finding the solution to that matter.

Put your mind directing to what you are looking after to reach. Avoid all sort and type of distraction that might change your focus.



Step 5: The Price To Be Paid

In life there is the law of cause and effect. For any action there a reaction’

It is a rule of life. If you want to succeed in anything and you want to achieve, reach some goals there is a price to be maid.

It could acquire a new skill, learn something new.

It might be wake up early and go into g stay late at night. Etc.… there is s price to be paid. This is what you will set you for success.

Something you need to give up and

As well something you need to opt to and start doing.



Step 6: Take 100% Responsibility

Most people blame either others why they don’t get what they want or the circumstances why thing happen to them. In reality.

For any event that happens in our life, there is always a path to follow.

You want to lead by the circumstances or you want to get out your current situation by taking all responsibility for your action.

Instead of looking at the way things going but you rather do whatever it takes to move forward to achieve whatever you want.

The approach you have to live will determine how responsible you are to your current situation.

You need to get control over your life, over your action.

You need to learn to embrace life to all the risk, hurt and all the unexpected event that occur. Face them, have control over your life, do not let them control you.



Step 7: Your Commitment

Be able to maintain yourself accountable, Grind yourself to keep moving forward whenever you don’t feel to. Wake up you don’t feel to.

You need to look and seek for a better way to improve your life in a continuously learning.

This is how you will grow internally and expand your reach by improving each and every single day.

If you keep doing the same things over and over again you will get the same results and even less.

But if you commit yourself to do something different and commit to learn something different you will surprise how better your life will be and how mush better will be your result.

Having a better result will make your life feels better and you are more inspire each time to step in because you have a life meaningful.



Steps 8: Living In A Place Of Gratitude

When you are grateful to life, or what you have your life feel the sense of living from an abundant place.

Gratitude releases endorphins in your body and this make you feel good. It helps you to shift your thinking from stress moment.

When you are living in this state of gratitude you open the door of receiving more and more.

Gratitude is the most transformative way to change you inner feelings. When you become thankful of who you are and what you have been able to do either small that it might seem.

You live with fearless in those specific areas. When you combine this to others area of your life, you become aware of the blessing of your life.

You no longer see that you miss, you better the privilege to be alive and having a greater purpose to pursue. Your life show the happiness through a different part of your emotional expression.

You become more passionate about who you are and what you do.



Step 9: Give And Share

Being generous is on the principle that set your life in a high level. When you give your subconscious mind is positioning to an abundance level.

It keeps flowing on your more of what you get. Some people that don’t have too much think when you share to others you have less than you use to.

Mean that you take away from what you get. In the other hand. At a spiritual level when you share mean you are already placing in abundance.

Try to practice sharing with others for a period of time.

If you acquire some wisdom sharing that to others and see how beneficial it is. How to benefit their will gain from it.



There are different ways to transforming your life and they might be very challenging. But as well it can be the most important decision you can ever make to change yourself to who you want to be.

By taking positive daily action that lead you to positive outcomes. If you master your thoughts transform your life will be much easier. Mean you have a better chance to control what you think of.

Creating the life that fills with joy, excitement, passion, happiness

In order to create the kind of life you want to live,

As you step up your to true transformation others will notice from you how much your level of positivity, energy, understanding and the impact.

Start to live your life at the highest level and use your full potential to create impact around you and in the world.


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Ernst Cenege

Author Be More To Be A Better You


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