9 Powerful Ways To Overcome Fear And Anxiety


One of the most attributes to failure is fear, as well that cause people don’t achieve and don’t succeed in life.

Meanwhile those that have attaining so much, overcome the fear and anxiety  in life know by taking large risk and act on what scared them the most will cause fear itself disappear.

Being fear doesn’t mean that nothing wrong with you, in fact most of successful people have to conquer and overcome them fear as you and me need too.

Fear is a survival component for humans. It is at some how part of our life.

The truth is some people have found way to deal, face and coping with them fear, through difference tactic and strategy according to their situation.

But others keep living daily with those unpleasant emotions, worry and feeling of being afraid that took place in front of them, imply many times barriers, blocks and as well mental health.

At a certain point we became face with all sort of fussy, challenges that create some notice of being aware of the “not to”, “not able to”, “better not” etc…

Let’s dive a little bit on what people is fear of, maybe something that is related to you in some specific and common pattern that cause you and me having fear.


Here are some key fear factor:

  • Failure = not able to do and succeed
  • Criticism= other judgment in a negative way
  • Rejection= that I am not acceptable
  • Disappointment = having loss,
  • Lack of confidence= don’t have enough knowledge
  • Not sure= not really certain of or that
  • Low Self esteem= feeling being alone, left away by others
  • Afraid making mistakes= miss the opportunity to do well.
  • The Pain = Feeling hurt
  • Death = not exist to be living

Do you have some of those key factor related to you personally?

Are you being afraid about something tangible (animals), or intangible (last change) That cause you fear and anxiety?

There are way  you can reduce, deal, overcoming and all this pattern.

First I want to highlight not to eliminate or stop them but ratter to find a way to reduce and minimize the intensity level they have on you, face them real, lower the density their have on you, to actually find a way to cope and use them in your favor.

Confront your fear and anxiety  by turning them into advantage strengths that will define the capability to develop a mechanism that manifest and set you up to succeed when even you feel so worry and concern .

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Here are powerful ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety.


1-Know And Accept Fear Is Human

Fear is part of life and every human being face with fear in a daily basic, in all sort of activities. It is ok to face and have fear.

No matter what is your position  neither  you are the richest man in the world, a CEO, managers, employee, Dad, Mom, undergraduate, your gender is etc…, it is normal that you have been in situation to be fear of in you life.

It’s a sign that try to alert you a dangerous event in the path you are about to get to or what could be a possibility for you to fail.


2-Time To Reflect And Think IT Through

Knowing that face with fear and anxiety cause you to become more aware of what are specific things around you that might be some reason to failure but you need to think that  you have absolutely same or more chance to win because you are stepping in.

Think of the other side where is the opportunity lives.

You just have been alert that doesn’t mean that you are already done. The time is now to think more, Do more.


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3- Breathe Long And Deep.

It has been proved that breathing help you release  fear and anxiety. Breathing is a method applies mostly by most athletes in order to help them regain strength to move forward.

When you breathe deep it calm and melt down your body.

It helps you to let go the tension, relaxing you at a subconscious level, and pressure you sometime have on you.

It help you regain enough fresh air that serve you as a fuel to get you going.


4- Identify The Cause Factor.

Many times we know that our fear is just only some illusions to what and how things might be.

It’s even irrational to what we think about that bring the concern of something wrong can be happen.

It’s a need to identify what are those little details that are try to make you act with a low level and often drain you down.

You become acting defensively and stop you to do mostly what you know is right to do.


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5- Change Your Focus To The Positive Side

In any situation as much as it could be real for someone to fail to attain what they want, but as well it available and could be real to succeed in what you want to.

The problems is most people spend the whole time thinking about what could be wrong, in the negative side and forget that what is good also and always available to them.

Instead of wasting your time see what you cannot do, ratter look up what you can do.

Change your focus from where it was, in order to see what could be for you and as an opportunity to shine.

Look positively for the solution and spend more time searching what and how could you solve the current situation.

Envision something good you are about to do, have and give, see yourself reach there, creating something positive in the place of fear, go wherever your mind can see clear and b bright.


6-Be Courageous And Take Leap

Knowing that many people face with situation that get outside of them control.

And many times the fear of not knowing exactly to do and how they are going to do if thing turn around in a difficult way.

They prefer to search more for certainty, security.

They have even things that are though  and killing them internally.

They might be not satisfy with the current place they are in life, but it’s better to take in easy and slow down to not deal and meet with disappointment  after.

Most people don’t have what they want because the let them concern of what could be happen, the feeling of worry control them, not allowed them to have the courage to do, act with a greater performance.

Most fear comes in a pre acting phase, way before it occurs. Without thinking with a little bit of gut and thinking through  they can change all barriers along the way.

To be able to convince your fear you need to cultivate the virtue of “being courageous”.

Take the jump of doing the most of what you can to make happen what is it you really want to  be happen.


7- Prayer And Meditation

We all need time to ourselves to pray and meditate no matter what is your gender and social background.

You have some moment that you have your little word to something greater either than you. Call it (God, Universe, Grace, luck) but sure you do.

It absolute important to have a moment to connect with yourself.

Meditation has been proving by science that it helps you rewire your brain and reduce the level of stress symptoms, and create positive effect on you.

Meditate also helps you to increase the level that the brain’s function.


8-Believe You Can

In spite of everything you have opt to do, you need to believe in yourself and in your potentiality that you can do it. I am pretty sure  you have been in some situation that you have doing well and experiencing some successes.

Remembering them can reassure your strengths and boost your energy level.

You need to believe as you had done well in some pass occasion, you still can do well in the future situation.

Believe that you have ability to turn your fear down and exceed with your expectation by doing, applying the knowledge, strength and your capabilities.

Have a count on of yourself, bet on yourself that nothing will absolutely stop you in the present moment and you will take the amount risk that you need to reach goals.

Aim for the better because you are capable of conquer the next step.


9-Giving Thanks

We often loose sight of what make us fulfill. Its not what you have achieved or what you have in front of you right now that make you the most happiest person.

But when you get to know the meaning of life is not what you get of it, it is what actually you give out from you that will enable you to live in a gratefulness place.

No matter the outcome you get be able always know how to perform without fear, and  anxiety from all sort crush to will set you free.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to overcome your fear. It helps you to be more aware in the “now” moment instead of being worry about the next hours, or tomorrow that is not yet coming.

Gratitude reprograms your inner self to see that you are living in a world full of opportunity instead of being feeling block by.


The ability to overcome fear and anxiety will put off your all the stress that over load you, and enlighten your way to see and focus on life achievement.

You will be able to relaxing your mind and body by seeing clearly the greater good ahead of you.

Nowadays many people are diagnosing with so many different type of mental illnesses: Obsessive compulsive disorder, disruptive behavior disorders include two similar disorders: oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD), schizophrenia, dysthymia, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, different type of personality disorder, depression, anger etc…

Use this steps to discover the beautiful life that you can live and be excited to live each opportunity as it design for you to have all that you really want and looking after.

Remember as human, we cannot pass by without feeling fear, anxious, and overwhelm. But practicing this way of overcoming them by changing your thoughts and what you focus on because all fear and anxiety come from your thoughts.

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