14 Tips How To Be More Productive In Life.

14 Tips How To Be More Productive In Life

When we look at the society in those days, people are grinding to increase the level of them productivity either at work or in personal life.

 People are looking up to improve the conditions and the quality of all the activities that they are operating on the daily basis.

But still struggling to find the way to become more productive in life.

Some people try to put themselves in a position to do so many things as much as possible that later on becoming just a burnout, instead of getting the result of having goods quality of work done completely.

The truth is not just wake up doing random things, but rather looking for to do the most efficient task done and manage to accomplish all those that you get yourself into.

I like the ideas of Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek. That I highly recommended.

To become more productive in life, there are certain important key points that you need to figure out and implement them.

 All those successful people have them focus straight forward to the point that separate the urgent things vs to the important things.

In other words, there are so many things in life that come in a form of urgency but not align with our goals, what we want to accomplish and the things that we value that most to do in our life ( personal or professional) that is important, maybe the most important after all.

We usually spend a lot of time doing urgent things by our understanding mean reducing the amount of stress in a short period of time, because they are just some sort little distraction  that needs immediate attention in which contribute most of the time to someone else Plan;

In a better clear frame, Someone else agenda as Brendon Burchard #1 New York Times best-selling  And Founder Expert Academy put it.

When we define exactly the better use of our time, task and things that is the most important to our life then we get into a motion where our work become more Productive.

We find our passion for doing things that matter the most to our assignment.

The level of our productivity will increase to a position in which we will be more successful doing the essential activities, being so effective and at the same time efficient in life, business, career etc…

Here is 14 step by step way that will help you become more productive by accomplishing so much in your life.

1-Time To Reflect.- You don’t jump start doing anything without knowing what and where to go. You need to look back on what is really going on. In which way you cannot have the result that you want? How it’s possible to not be able to accomplish your task?

2- Decide To Change.– Many times you see how things going are not in a good way but you all there is you still try other things without changing first what is needed to be changed.

3- Writing Down As You Plan.- Think about something it can be just a wish, but when you write down a paper somewhere is become real in your eyes.

Have a to-do- list write all the important things that will contribute to your achieving what is it you really want to accomplish.


4- Scheduling your Task.– Find the best time that you feel the willpower, that you can eliminate all the distractions as possible and focus on your task.

Put a deadline by when you intend to get in done.  

You need a specific time in which you know in your gut want finish what you plan, that you must be ended up. You have to get purpose as clear as possible.


5- Don’t Lie To Yourself. Some  people lied to themselves, and don’t be serious about what the know they have to do. You really have to be honest with yourself.

Don’t fall in the trap of putting and putting off every time you have to do something that contribute to your success.


6- Clear off all distractions.– Remember earlier we talk about urgent things that might be sometimes just distractions, it could be an email, a notification a phone call etc….

Block all those things that are like just to get out you focus on your task.


7- Start to Move on.– It’s at the same moment you need to make the first step, you need to start doing something.

No matter how small it might be, but it will put you into a momentum. Just start doing something!


8- Don’t Be A Multitasker.– Some people think the can doing many things at the same time, mean they are intelligent, smarter enough than others.

 But let me tell you, it reduce the level of productivity, you become unproductive in some area that you could have been doing much more good and greater impact.


9- Focus In One Thing.– Don’t be a fool, be patient until you get done one thing and move to another, focus on that thing make it real for you and just do your best until you become the very best at doing that thing to outdo everyone in it.


10 Learn To Finish Task.– So many people start doing things along the way they discourage, and losing their motivation to keep it up, they end up quitting the task and each time go through another and another.

When you don’t used to finish your task, you become easily  to not finish anything. It is better to build the strength in to finish something that you start  completely and move to a new things.


11- Be Discipline.- You need to establish a daily routine in which that you use correctly and properly your time.

You need to have control over your behaviour, directing your actions into a devotion in life, not waiting for to something happen, hoping is a good thing but execute is the most paying off of all lifetime achievement.


12- Take Breaks.- when you are putting a lot of effort much time in activities that we didn’t get used to, specifically in new type and task or assignment, there will be the time of overwhelming,  of trying and doing not getting the result.

It is a sign that keep telling you in this conditions of diluted you needs to stop. Take a break remember you are human not a machine programming.


13-Re-evaluate your Work.- You need to check your progress, look for your own stats, you need to see the result of the amount of activities that you have done if they are efficient.

Don’t pretend you have done great job, but get the right estimation of your advance project.


14- Be Organize.- keeping yourself first in right order in your work and personal life. Your task, goal and the quality  of your  activities is the fruit of your life carefully organized.

The way you arrange, manage your effort in personal life will affect all systematically your productions.


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Here is how to become more productive in life, i hope it serves you to become more delightful by setting this 14 steps vividly to your mind and transforming everything that matter in attaining more productivity in your daily lives.


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