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Behaviors Patterns That Cause People Do What They Do


Human Behavior has a different way, aspect to move toward changes and determine what type of criteria their implement consistently in doing things or any kind of activities their involving too.

All human being are distinctive in them way, manner to conduct their self.

We response, react in a very different and particular way in which stimulate the substantial functioning of our life process.

As Human being, we also altered the way our mind operates.

That means to you; “We think, feel, and do what we do completely in a diverse way from others.

Our emotions move by what we are motiving by.

At some point the subconscious mind catches up with the situation we are in, trigger our patterns to causing someone acts particularly in a way following by some typical result that arousing feeling in existence.

Let’s dive a little bit about what motivate us.

The core motivators of human nature are

  • Pleasure and Pain
  • Social Acceptance and rejection
  • Hope and Fear


In another way to look at our behavior roots; All of what we do are base on the situation: first the desire to gain Pleasure, Social acceptance, and the hope to want and create a better life.

Second are the desire to avoid pain, rejection, sadness, and fear.

Many times we get block to act exponentially or expand widely by the cause of fear and the pain we suffer too.

Either in a close entourage, where we evolve with, some flow of contradiction stop you to act on those things we know we need to do at the best way possible.

Do you ever imagine or even think of; how come some people have everything they need and can have all that they could possibly want and still not have the satisfaction, excitement and the joy of a happy living?

Meanwhile some other people have been through all sort of struggles, pain, suffer living at low level of substance and missing a bunch of resources,

most are those that figure out the tipping point to get out of what matter and reach the highest full potential and create impact in others lives.


Are you probably wondering why we don’t always do what we want and must do in other to get what we want to have?

The answer is we not always want those things we say we wanted.

We kind of want them. We often hear I should do that, I should have want that but in reality all those seem like another form of wishing for those things.

We need to stop to should’a and wish.

we need to create a must for what we what and desire. And activate the power within that can take you from where you are to where to be without any fear of not to….

And do exactly what you need and want to do. Be exactly whom you want and desire to be by apply all the necessary to attain.

Either the relationship with others, the comportment in form of those that are closer to you.


“You can Change the way you do things by changing the way you think and see things.”


The mind of a human being is more tend to lead us to a protective state because is created as a survival mechanism that always looks to find the best safe place to be.

We as human, we live more in the side of avoidance, either to be fear, to feel the pain we suffer and to eliminate the risk of being rejected by…

One of the adaptive behaviors is protection, which is the behavior that occurs in response to pain or threat of destruction.

Have you ever feel devastated, ruined by someone, the way they comport, and behave with you?

Have you ever feel the expectation of somebody else tendency, judgments the people and even their reaction is causing you a very insane emotional harm or hurt from their wrong action, problems, mistakes?


For some of people or most of us get to fall in deep grievance that brings some hard and bad experiences in which causing strong effect and holding us back from being the real person that we can be.

We act shamely in a kind of worry that if I do wrong, what is going to happen another time.

Living in that state that even our action is completely opposite from the right things done to gain the insight and trust to the surrounding.


Have you ever been improperly insulted by the blemish, the unwanted, intolerable act that you see others are suffering or maybe personally you?

In those situations, we feel a very strong feeling of intense fear that brings you to a hiding place.

In order to conceive that place, we lost the confidence of we are capable of doing good things and even creating impact in other lives.


We often do more of ourselves to not lose anything that we do gain and earn. We hold on what we get to not let it disappear.

We are afraid to not get missing out then look for the chance of a new opportunity.

The conscious level that we live to or we programmed is more up to keep us in the comfort place.

That is why most people don’t resist their challenges but instead running away from the demand assumptive to understanding the truth without proving the measurement identity that mostly justify the evidence of their validity.


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” William James

2 Keys Factors To Elaborate Human Behaviors


1-People see, perceive, understand and even give meaning to (…) base on their own feelings, thoughts and context.

The perception people get are not always based on fact, sometimes they are not even clear of reason to do or not do but rather what their focus on come to the mean things that make the equation to their own belief.


2-People’s behaviors can be trigger easily by who is the hero that influence them, (the Dogma, culture, norms, surroundings).

All affect indirectly the condition of their development and quality of life their opt to.

The effect implies at a subconscious level from those influencers have a winning power and may have a force that exert, determine their actions, their choices carried any given life’s condition.


Human needs

Something so profound and interesting to consider is that human being are more often motivated by the needs.

All that requires forms their personal growth and status or their personal development.


Study conduct by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, here some motivators of human needs

Needs of Actualization.

Need of self-esteem

Need of love

Need of safety

Needs of Physiological



The Path To A Conscious Lead Our Behavior


“I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” Abraham Lincoln

Starting a new empowering state that deliberately full of compassion and kindness, equipped with human emotion.

Learn how to better perform in order to prevent all the blocks and pass hardship, memories that stop you moving ahead with your true self.

You can easily experience different feels when you find yourself not only do things right in your understanding but as well more effective in anything you do better than it use to be before.


Notice how much better you can feel when you behave gently, kindly with a warmhearted how much you both side gain the feel of living truly what is matter, living the connection between one and another, not only those that have everything they need but like those that create such impact, atmosphere in a whole new level.

You even will feel better by doing right things over and over…


“Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein


The level of satisfaction when we feel we are human that consume by real emotion and our action drag other up feelings not down, sadness.

Look at how you can be aware and cultivate the will to become better with yourself and others. Our inside world affect strongly our outside of world.


Its much more better to bring out the best in others, it might be very challenging but as well it takes the same effort from drag someone down with your actions and same effort to bring such the light that drive that person feel and embrace by the recognition of their potential that can quickly sky and boost their conscious level up by knowing they are matter.


Our mission is to carefully become more conscious of our behavior that is the motive for us to act with more engage state and build within each every human being that makes the part to our circle life as well those that indirectly you can reach by the facility of the modern world.

Be constructor, not those who destroyed, be a builder but not those who knock down or tear down something or someone.


“We know what we are but not what we may be.” Ophelia in Hamlet


Our behavior as a human being is growing when you exceed the level of appreciation from all and significant connection when someone is aligning with your goals and purposes.

The life’s improvement gains such growth in a faster way by improving the quality of the result.

Everyone has a new healthy perspective about what help you develop more and better experience between our self through the action we take, how we live every moment in our daily activities.



Ernst Cenege.

Author Be More To Be A Better You


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