How To Boost Your Productivity using Genius Thinking

There is a certain measures and rituals that will lead and bring out the essence of productivity.

To boost your productivity using genius thinking, it’s needed to broadly know what is really killing most our productive work and time, and find what are surprisingly the things most productive people do differently.

First is the efficiency of a production (a person, a system) considering as the input that generate and enhance the effectiveness production computing in consummation of resources that is usefully converting into a great outcome.


Some of the things that is killing your productivity according to a survey

  • Laziness
  • Tiredness
  • Procrastination
  • Unable to stay Motivated
  • Massive amount of overtime
  • Think too much instead of do the work
  • Feel needed to quit
  • Distractions
  • Demand of perfection
  • Looking for the right system
  • Not able to focus
  • Multitasking

What is really  the attribute of productivity

Knowing exactly what is the meaning that will help you be more aware of how you do things in life, the way to approach anything and what type of behaviors you get each time you need to produce something either for yourself or life duties.

Productivity is doing the thing efficiently by providing quality value.

What is your personal productivity  matrix?

Your personal productivity is the rate of goods you produce or the work complete by definition. It could be evaluated by the number of a particular period or the amount of.

“ Productivity is measuring by the excellent rapport build with the efficiency production (of doing the right things) adding with it the effectiveness work (by doing the things right) produce.


How To Be More Productive

Let start by finding what is really being productive

In other to be more productive, you need to focus on what is important and urgent.

You need to decide first what is it you really want, what are you looking after, what is your goals and the purpose of doing the things you want to.

It might be you, in your personal life or in your professional life (workplace). What is it you are intending to give and get out of that you are exerting to.

It is evident to know from the beginning what is your outcome, how to get the most done out of your day. Utilize all the best tools, tips, secrets, steps, disciplines and mostly action plan to turn your hard work to the end of gaining elite result.

Start working on you and your plan, about what and how to do it.

There will be several forms of opinions on how things should be, some belief that will be just to limit you on. you probably will need to look into.

This is the moment you absolutely require to chunk and mapping what is necessary for your ideas to be alive by eliminating the unnecessary, the unuseful.

Time to learn to identify what will be relevant to your needs, as you will not indeed of everything but just those that will contribute to get you the best result.

In other point of view being productive is getting more thing done by achieving a lot of work that sometime might be hard but with the end of good result acquires in large scalable length.

Being in the state of managing the best of yourself from doing quality and quantity progress that profitably lead to growth exponentially.


“Work smarter not harder”


People confused this saying working smarter not harder. Meanwhile anyone who wants to have success in life needs absolutely to work hard in order to attain it.

There is no doubt about that.

We need to consider a better way to see and get the right meaning for understand how should we find the right approach, move with the right attitude in all that we do.

This is where the 80/20 rule have his plan in the life of all entrepreneur and whosoever seeking to be more productive.

The real question to ask is: How do we think through the best way to get most out of what we do?


A lot of time our hard work that is just spending more hours of work and being so busy kind of doing things often turn back to a burnout.

It is not only working hard, being so busy spending hours and hours but in what do we put all those work? What are we being so busy in?


3 Ultimate Productivity Stops

  1. Stop wasting time
  2. Stop multitasking
  3. Stop and avoid distraction

Cultivate Habit Of Saying No

Learn to say no can be and have a huge impact on you to do, get more work done.

Learn to say no to so many things that just consume your time, it can be saying to extra work, to an extra connection that brings your just distraction no to elevate you to actually to the necessary.

Learn to say to life demand, in professionally and learn to say no even to yourself.


Quote: “If you want to be more productive, then start at the start. Get there on time.” – Richard Branson


3 Important And Must To A Productive Life.

1-Do The Easiest Things First

Is astonishing to know how the mind works. We impressed by the quantity, the large amount of what we do. We value most to see a lot from ourselves.

The truth is a simple step, something small that we do can hugely change the course of our lives.

2-Give Priority to Something Each Day

many times if you get more organize yourself and your time, you can get more things done in the best way possible and shorter time.

Most people sleep away from starting, doing the first step of an ideal thought projecting a future plan of work or a specific task with the purpose to attain better and excellent ranking lifestyle,

their get stuck when their decisions long after day come, meanwhile I would be much and even better take advantage on start doing something that helps you move forward your actual goal by getting something done before the feeling go away with it.


3-Schedule a Daily Routine

When you set a stage of working on your task you need to be available to perform on that time frame, eliminate and reduce everything that most the time stopping follow through,

interrupting you, get off your but and start does what you have to do when you plan it not another later.

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” ~ Peter Drucker

  • Be trustful, respectful of your schedule. When you decide to do something, do it at the moment not a tomorrow, next week or someday.

Most people get through their journey running a busy life. Without thinking and knowing that being busy doesn’t mean you are productive.

You need to shift your thinking from being a productive persona instead of being a busy all the time with very less and few good results.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” ~ Tim Ferriss



3 Important Hack Of Productivity

1-Learn to mind map your vision

Unify your mind, your vision with your action plan. Find your source of motion to motivate you do what is need and necessary to keep up with the good way that you can increase the level of result needed.

2-Start put hands on the matter and never wait to be ready

One of the best ways to get an excellent result for your effort is to start taking action right away on your task, no matter if you don’t really have a perfect plan. Most of the things will be adjusting on the way through. That alone will help you to boost your productivity. Just get things done, not necessarily be perfect.

3-Write down or record what is it you find important and helpful.

Our mind is surviving mechanisms that work like a storage of much information. In the most stressful situation unable to load up the information need.

That is why having a system of back up can serve you a lot of headaches.

For saying that there are moments we cannot count on just dabbling to find important remembered. Write down some thoughts on paper or recordings will be the backup plan to act on our duty and get back fast the matter.

It a huge help and a serious tool to become more productive.

“Productivity is never an accident. It always is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” ~ Paul J. Meyer

Read Post14 Tips How to Be More Productive in Life.

3 Rules Of Productivity

  • A firmly decided to get in the matter
  • Keep thing simple just deliver quality and valuable
  • Be Respectful the deadline or of the time

Get control of your day, to not get lead by anything but rather be the leader and the master of what you really want to do not what that is appeared to be for you.

Like that you can be and get ready for any other goals that you want to achieve.

Maximize the opportunity and get clear of the level of work you do help you to produce more, increase your production, unleash your creativity.

Stay in the game is a demand to have a checklist that the mind manifests on your behaviors,

and the best way to use your work time, your free time will what is determining how productive you are a person, an employee, or your personal activities.


Tony Robbins explains it better and make it clear that way:

“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!”


If you are not getting the best out your work is because there are some of the thing that you don’t know how to do them right in the proper way or you don’t execute the right things.

Mostly knowing what are those things that are worthy of doing. The value estimated through quality and quantity set during you complete a work.

In a big picture is what you produce in the unit or volume.

In order to attain your optimum level of productivity, you need to consider looking increasing your products efficiently and effectively in all that you do.

Because it affects your attitude, mind working and your behavior on the being the most organize strategically on getting result satisfy by the reason to produce and perform better.

How can you make sure you perform at your best, with the right discipline and routine to boost your productivity daily?

There are some best practices and habits that can set to enhance your time by managing better, so well your given task that will guarantee you are wasting it.

The cause of well functioning at an effectiveness metric level of production distributed provoque a quality of operation delivers at a dynamic change, value, real performance measured by the best practice that expresses a series quantitative result exchange to a profitability growth.

The best and effective way to improve the quality of your life (personally, professionally and financially) is to be more productive with your time, energy, an effort by focusing on generating more progress and obtain the most out of your resources through each project, work, a task you aim to achieve.


3 Productivity Habits

Plan Your Way Out.

Most people getting in the day without any goal or intention to realizing something worth of challenging. Or new adventure that impulses them to go beyond the normal and always same days that mostly construct with what others obligating to.

Instead of looking for own self a way to improve the quality of position they rank and condition place attribute in the society.

Starting your day with knowing that you have something or a level of being you want to reach to be  more aware of what is really important to you and subtract the waste out of your way.

It might be in your health, workplace, personal or spiritual way, by the plan in advance everything will enlighten your way from all the surprising obstacles that you might encounter.

Create Space And Visibility

The research found that visibly help you complete a significant amount of work, programming your work task by ordering place and space contribute to avoid being messy and take you out of the chaos lane by directing your focus on the most important and urgent project.

Being organize with yourself and your environment serve in a pleasant way to deal wells with stress, frustration and comfort you in the middle of obstacles.

Kills Distraction/interruption.

Distractions play a big in preventing you getting the result you might be looking after.

A state of deconcentration blocks your way to think through deeply and creatively.

Distractions of all sort are the bugs eating your way and become the opponent that interrupting you, impeding your workflow in a progressive way.

(Phone, email, noise, unhelpful conversation, social media, distribution.) take all your focus away from following up with and shape away your mind, thinking on the subject.

Productivity Tips

  • Set priorities
  • Scheduling a time frame
  • Organize yourself
  • Stay focus
  • Eliminate distractions

To be considered become more productive in your life, career, and business, there is a path that can take you directly to maximize your personal productivity.

One of the most effective ways to increase your productivity is to be accurate on your deadline by tracking each time take on something, what so ever you do need to be measure seeking for the progress made.

Don’t fall into the trap of multitasking is a killer for focusing on developing the most out of your work.

Even we sometimes we forget or have the lack of knowing how to give the most out time to the real important task, giving the most attention and focus on the right place to spend most energy.

Productivity is a way of living, giving, expanding, doing what not only the right things in order to achieve the most of our works, tasks in less time.

But is really improving the quality, the circumstances of your life in each and everything results that you are looking after.

Having the right mindset will help you find the best and quickest way to become more productive.

It will help you find the real strategy, habits that work to change the course of your life in a better and surprising manner to think, act, live in abundance.

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