5 Better Ways To Discover Strengths And Weaknesses

In anything that you are doing, if you really want to succeed or stand out of the “normal” and “ordinary” state you need to find how to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

What is it you are good at and perform very highly, as well what are those that you are not as good and your perform very poorly?


“Your strengths are the ultimate key to success.”


One of the key importance that the most successful people live by: they leverage their strengths more than anything.

The abilities and talents to develop more of what they capable doing and serve you more to increase the level of your mental strength.

They spend much more time using their potentiality to do those things that they are really good at already.

Failing to really recognize what are your strengths, talents, abilities, skills, weaknesses, limits can be part of some major mistakes that you do in your daily life.

And that also can slower your performance to produce more and your level of awareness to be an effective person in all your activities.


“What is Talent and Strength? Talents are people’s naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. The more dominant a theme is in a person, the greater the theme’s impact on that person’s behavior and performance.

Strength is the ability to perform correctly in a specific activity under different circumstances.”


It’s important to have a self-reflection, an inventory, to figure out how to identify what are your unique capability,

a deep research to experiment a powerful feedback that will help with enough information sometimes that might be difficult, unwanted and annoying to accept,

but in order to improve the quality of your performance is essential.

Do you ever ask yourself what are those skills, strengths do you have?

Maybe you have been in a situation that you didn’t have any clue of what to do.

Do you ever look to find what is your true core strengths and weakness are? Does those question ever cross in your mind?

Here are some ideas that are real, concrete that you could start to implement with right action.


5 Better ways to Discover your strengths and weaknesses.

discover strengths and weaknesses

1 – Research Through Analytics.

For everything you want and need into life, it’s good to start doing some research, start to look for facts, details, some traits or keys point that you can use for evident.

Sometimes there are little things that you might find through observations either of yourself the way you act and how you are doing things or of others how they act, do what they do.

Everyone has something that excited them, which they found the motivation, something that keeps them engaged for long period of time.

Something that comes naturally and fluid.

That great moment that you have been so energized and pumped up with full enthusiasm, it keeps you up at night and your approach was so much different because your were full passionate and inspired by that moment.

You need to go through those moments and look for those details within you.

What makes you be that way at that time? What was your love about it? Why you have to do it? What was your play role? What did you do? Pay very close attention and observing them very well by breaking them down.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses

2- What Are Your Strengths/Skills/Values/Weaknesses

What are those area in life that you feel most powerful of,

that you feel most certain and What are those moment that you feel most physically and mentally strong of doing something to the degree that you use your full potential at a level way beyond of what you used to,

when you didn’t fulfill and accomplish the most out of some activities. Or jobs.

It’s very important to know what are those things you have learned to do.

What are those you have been employed to do, do have been trained in some category,

look for everything that you have a certain level of knowledge that you been using, practicing and serve with.

It might be some that relate to your career, some others are in the way of what you live your routine days (life, career, professional skill set ).

You need to know what are your unique capabilities.

Take times to think of, imagine what you have been evaluated according to the performance that you rate with the good result and you performed so well in it.

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discover strengths and weaknesses 1

3- You Need To Look For Feedback

Most people are not really ok with getting feedback from other sources or other persons.

I know many of you are agree that it is the best way to save you a lot of time making a huge mistake when you get feedback.

If you really want to identify exactly what are those part of life you are really good at performance and those part that your results are just in the range of average, you need to look for feedback

You need to seek and find honest feedback. Look for 5 up to 20 people that you know and they know you (families and friends) to ask them:

What they think you are good at and what you are not at good.

Some of your family and friend will not tell you what you are not good at, to not hurt your feelings.

Remember to tell them that what it so ever will not hurt your feeling and you really need them to be honest with you.

That’s why you need also to ask strangers.

Sometimes from strangers, you can find the best pieces of information to help both in maximizing your strengths, skills and to improve your weaknesses to a better way.

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assessment test to discover strengths

4- Take the Strengths Assessments Test.

Nowadays with the new tech era, you can find online assessments, exercises and courses to help you know yourself much better.

It’s really important to take time to discover so many things that you see them differently and the result of an assessment can astonish you.

They help you open your eyes to some different point of view and aspect that will enlighten some patterns unique to picture your self-reflection as it could be seeing in a mirror.

One of recommended by millions of people “StrengthsFinder” by Tom Rath

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Action plan for discover strengths and weaknesses

5- Follow By An Action Plan

Whatever you have done and succeed in whatsoever you encounter too, the amount of action that you take; It’s the moment everything become real to you,

when you start to put what have you been researching into practice.

All the information that you have gained through the feedbacks,

now it is the time to put your strengths in a column to boost them up and use them much more doing what you love doing the most.

To live by them regularly because you are more aware of them and not even they come from your emotional feeling but from outsources all that have experienced from,

you get at a certain point of life where you devote time as a way to live for.

As well you need those weaknesses that you might not think of them or for you to seem so untrue that you have difficulty to admit them because they bothering you and put you in a state of feeling being hurt by them.

Whatever the case is you need to use them now to your advantage.

Work on them and learn the best way to turn them into a new positive strength.


You need to get in a stage of life where you can separate your abilities to do well,

mean strengths to those areas that you are very weak at,

that you produce so little and you don’t have reason to keep doing what you don’t give your best result from where you most good at and efficient.

By that, you can work fully on what is you need to improve and keep the highest up to date.

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That is what set the most successful people from all the others.

They know clearly what are their strengths and they have discovered them both side,

that helps them to do what they loved to do and what that contributes to them success In life by maximizing every opportunity every single day.

You want to know the answer that so many people ask and so often. What makes successful people always tend to be a success and the rest not?


Here the real reason behind it.

Successful people discover Strengths and Weaknesses.


They work all the time in their strength and delegate in the area they are weak at. They can have time to focus on what is matter the most.

Or they learn to convert the weaknesses into strengths because they are aware of them.

They search for a new way to learn the skills related to the area that they are weak. By doing so they can acquire enough and exact knowledge to create new innovation.

You also can become way more successful like them today, by modeling the habits of those that have achieved greater impact.

Self-reflection gives you so much insight of what you really opt to and help you increase your sense of awareness, understanding the consciousness thoughts, behaviors, the sensation, emotions that human being using in all experiences that implies in every situation that we face in our daily lives.


Discover your Strengths and your weaknesses help you to identify your unique capabilities, talents and help you consciously think and act in a reasonable way that raises your attitudes, deploys your effort, extend your energy force to truly perform at the highest level of purpose.

Have a big why behind everything you do, something much greater than what is than pursue a tangible goal and success.


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