When You Feel Losing Everything, Want To Quit And Giving Up

How life would be if you know that you can never lose?

Have you ever think about when you really want something so much, you could have chance to never get it or have it, and feel losing everything.

So what happen when things like that happen to us? Let’s see…


Many time we face the situation in life where really looking for something, look for being some type of person that we really want to be base on what happened in our past experiences and we don’t want to those reappear to our life.

We tried to do all that we can to avoid so many pain and then to recover a new way of living. But even though some of us still feel losing control of our mind and our life.


We tend to look for a way to adapt to any situation even knowing the truth no one in life can adapt to any situation.

We might find a way to deal with what is going on but for real we are not totally adapt with and accept all that is going on around us. Cause we get some signals some signs of losing interest in what is connecting around us. (Work, Career, Relationships etc…)

The good is we can still find a way to be in the place where are without too much outgoing of full involvement that will not give us the charge of bringing out what sometimes will make us being a person that has inner fighting with ourselves.


We find a way to accommodate ourselves due to the fact that we have something more and more important that have been the main reason in a far way before bringing us to that place.

That the need of being in this moment where we are was due to a life needs, purpose or goal to achieve.


Some people find way to easy filtrate in a group and some others are more likely difficult to get integrated into some group of place that they find themselves in.


Not bad for always looking for the better way to fit ourselves in the society but do really all this?


Some people might yes and other might have different opinions.

But the truth is real from both side because each and every person have different background, different culture and a different set of belief.

Feel like in the lost way?


Who are those that can adapt?

Most people have to ability to adapt to a situation. We know that people are not the same in a different type of situation.

Some people have more easy to and others are less capable to do it.

It doesn’t mean something wrong but sure enough, everyone has a level of sustaining themselves in front of what that present to them.


We all face difficulties and challenges in our daily lives. From all sort they come to us. By interacting, by see the way things going on that sometimes way far beyond what we expected.

By not getting the result that we are looking after and some of the time we put so much effort, energy and time to cooperate with those challenges but not been able to reach out what we really need and expect for as the real and good result.


  • We question ourselves :
  • What is wrong?
  • What is wrong with me?


By asking those type of question … we start to losing faith in ourselves, searching for what have we not done yet or what we cannot do and have what we want.

Is the moment where doubt and self-pity come to make us see our much we are missing in life to reach and something and bring in our imagination that we might never be able to achieve anything or those things that is a matter for us.


After putting so much effort and energy how come we don’t get what in heart we really desire?


The human being is survival mechanism has not been sometimes created to think of both side right and wrong, success and failure, or victory and defeat, win or lose.


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Some people have being able to really get themselves to be very much aware of What possibility that has in life from base on the past experiences and past experiments that sometimes there is a chance of factor that we can lose even we have done all the possible way to gain what we were looking after.

We don’t have in mind that we can do everything right and the result gets wrong or very different.

The only thing that we can think of is feeling like losing our mind in life even if it just something you were doing that went wrong.

Here the big question Why I did everything possible and I fail so bad.

Why everything went wrong meanwhile I have been pay so much attention to avoid what might have to be contrary?


This is the mystery in life that we don’t know about. Someone wrote somewhere:

life is so unfair, I might be sure some situation like that happens to that person.


What Cause that everything wrong?

What happens to us when everything going wrong around us?

In so many cases in life, we try to do our best in so many ways possible things turn into bad for us.

Either in cooperation with others, in business, in career and relationship.

All different have certain way and level of intensity that can be really affecting us so strong and cause us stress, overwhelming, frustrated, concerns, worried and even giving up.


And all the cases can be reacting different way and different manner into life and each individual. Some might be rating very low to someone and the same might be rating very high to another one.


But the unclear point of here is you have done everything right and everything turned wrong.

All your effort that you have put in those days, time and your action were turn around in vain.

No result absolute went good and everything you do is bad and most of the case you become a human being with a bad image and likely and wrong person from your encounter are.


No one can see that you have done even something good because your image turns to a different way of perceiving through the other’s eyes.

You become blur and unseen and a real true person that has done such good effort to do the thing you think about in the right way.


Nothing around has been set in your favor to bring the good to you. Nothing around you have been set in the right way to avoid bad one come to you.


We might admit to ourselves sometimes what we think that might good to do where as well wrong to be done in that time.

As we cannot predict what is going to happen we couldn’t know what is need to be excluded and eliminate by avoiding to do them and miss to do them.

We couldn’t prevent to know that we don’t have to be in that place for a certain reason that might cause you to lose control of everything in life you have done even with so much effort…


When everything around you going in a different way for you, or in a different point of view for you and if you are not in to integrate your certain belief of how things can be going in a better way.

No matter what you will do, will turn into against you and against your will. In a better way to say will turn back to you.


At that moment you don’t have real power over.

Not because you are weak but because it is not compatible with your system and believes.

As we know everyone has a certain belief that makes them who they are, what they do and the way they do and act to those things they do in life.


This is where at the moment in life you find yourself in a point of feeling you are losing control of everything.

You have very good intention to do the best you can do but everything went in a different direction.

You have been truly a real to yourself and others even you couldn’t accept everything around you but your real person couldn’t show because too many things went to too much opposite.


And you might sometimes look to defend yourself but you alone is not enough to bring for you what is the truth.

You even try and try to adapt and be align with the system but you couldn’t and you couldn’t for real.

You’re willing to do the right things and your willingness to adapt to opposite situation by being underline to not bring disturbance went all wrong.

Your true become lies for others, your real become unreal for others, your image becomes unseen for others and you feel trap by your own in the middle of nowhere.

And you are the damage one in the eyes of everyone.


Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever be in this situation or some other situation in that manner?

Have you been label as (……) by others meanwhile you have don t anything right and for the good cause?

Have you been wondering what have you don’t so wrong that makes everything turn so bad to you like that?

Have you been to bring this into your conscious knowing you didn’t do those wrong things to drag all those bad to your life?


Is the moment to reflect how much your life can be fall apart when the fears of being wrong to take place in you. There are no places for you.

You feel like down the whole asking forsee the true in you but no one sees.


And everything went away from you. Because you are and were too afraid to be wrong.


Having the FEAR of being wrong can really bring everything you do wrong.


The purpose of this article is to help a reader to be aware and observe the unseen Fear that can every human being by nature have it from a low or strong standpoint of life.

Is the fear of losing everything that makes you want to quit and giving up. You can kill this fear when you gather the truth at a consciousness evidence of loss.

Base on true fact experience.


By Ernst Cenege




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