How To Find Your True Passion In Life And Career

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There are a lot of people living in a jumping start life running through a lot of instabilities and cannot even find something that they can be so excited about, something that they could have a strong feeling for, passionate about when it needs to.

As a matter of fact most people instead of trying to figure out what to do, they feel alone and see problems and inconvenient.

 There are 7 billion human beings in the world, most still not find out the true passion in life. A large majority are frustrated, unfulfilled, unsure and want to discover the way out to transforming them life ahead.

According to recent research that 87% of employees are not unsatisfied with their current organization.

All transformation or any change requires to put hard Word in place: (massive effort, energy and time). Passion will not appear in the form of your door the deal you have to pursue it, look for it.
But the reality is not too many people are willing to do the hard part in place to find true passion in life. You can only get your way out not looking of what you have to go through instead you need to get real, engage yourself fully for what it worth.
Have the estimate of something worth for you that you would never be worry about how would you manage yourself to the upcoming situation. Because you will always have something to excite you and move you.
All discoveries have been made through an amount of research, there are the experiences you acquire between that also have a huge part till the end. There is some sacrifice that has to be made, a true commitment needs to place ahead.
That is what set apart the people that make the difference in the world with what they are passionate about. The drive that inspired them to live every day from the others that live in pure desperation life.
Let’s immerse yourself to explore what’s skills, abilities and strong interest that could be developed in a practical mean. In what could we can be engaged to build a significant life with values.
You may not think about, that’ is exactly how we can figure out why do we do what we do. That is how we do find our true passion in life, “the capability to know who you truly are.”
“Clarity is Power” Quote Tony Robbins
What if we do not, what the education system and corporate tell us to do, but you just need to redefine what is exactly your Unique strength, ability develop the sense of awareness and understanding.
The more you get clear, the more you will find the way. Unfortunately, we have been conditioning, paralyzing by so many dogmas of the society, the lack of good sources and great pieces of information, education, others limiting belief that contagious us to a deficiency of developing life necessities.
Let think about it a little bit, How do you Find your passion?.
Core Value/Strength
Look up to what you do love to do, what do you have so much interest in, what are those things that have a great impact on you and others. Identify what set you up in which and circumstances that you have given you full potential, even way back to childhood.
When you do recognize the elements of your core values and strengths, you pursuit them for a lifetime. You need also to check out what those things that you don’t love, you don’t like to do. Those are also things that you need to think about.
 You need to experiment differently those kind things and testing them to find which those have the closer rapport to your values. It’s getting to the real life, to live through exploring the variety of all sort and aspect to your life, digging different sources not by what you already use to, but rather new type of things.
Go beyond your limits and your expectations; push yourself more than you have to till finally, you convinced what is your values and strengths.
Find a New Entourage.
You have to be willing to change your old world into a new environment where people are more excited, passionate about life.  
Modeling them, get inspired on how they do things. Learn how to engage yourself to the equal interest of their function according to their values.
Be curious about how they practice focussing on what matters the most for them. Successful people, those that have found them way out in life know exactly how they should be using the time.
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What are they reading, listening to, Where do they go, people, they have met. All the things they do, have an alignment to their own interest because they really know and have so much love to what they do.
Jim Rohn say: You are the average of the five people you spent time with.”
Work Out anything you Can.
Implement all the goods that you find along the way.  Most people are easy to get inspired discover new things in them-self but the application of what they have learn sometimes keeping them back till.
You will have to work hard to sustain all that you have learned through practices. Stick to them, processing all the skills that you acquire.  Life itself is a long process there is not an end; you will never find your passion in life just doing a thing once, you have to keep adding more to the value attained.
This is where you start to grow, expand and Discover what you are truly capable of. You need to take a lot of risks, to be exposed, to jump when the opportunities come. Sometimes it requires to struggle, to hustle but that is what necessary to be successful in anything.
“If you’re prepared and you know what it takes, it’s not a risk. You just have to figure out how to get there. There is always a way to get there.” Mark Cuban
Your passion is right available for you but you have to put a lot of effort in many different ways to get it. You will be discovering your passion through the major result that you have been accumulated and go along the way with it.
It won’t be easy, it can be present to all sort of difficulties and frustrations till you find what is aligning and matching with your core Value. But the most important of all “don’t stop”.
At that point, you will create a life worthy to live day by day cause you have created, embed your purpose in the most congruent way.
That is what all the most successful people that have achieved so much went through. Most dropped out early on or after a long time not because some kind of lack but they prefer to dive, change to a place that they are good, skilled and better at.
Create what we call “Innovation”, in which they demonstrate what they have been so passionate about.
Finding your passion in life can the most fulfilled accomplishment that you could ever have for what it worth. It will last within you and impact your life first and in the life of so many others.
Work will be enjoyable, you will not be going after what so ever instead chasing what is matter, what is important the most for you.
Ernst Cenege.