81 Good Question to ask yourself to become a better person


81 Good Questions To Ask Yourself To Become A Better Person


Is there something that could dramatically change the course of someone life and turn it to an exploratory root of living a better life by becoming a better person? The asking some self particularly question that will make you think and better understand the meaning to life in an effective way that could change you into a better internally rich person.

The importance of questioning yourself will encourage you to bring out the true inner self of processing the proven life testing that we learn throughout these self-educational questions designing to practice the cause and effect of anything in life.


Why it’s important to ask good questions?

I’m to learn, educate and help you to make a better decision no matter what.

Beside of questioning is the art of learning.

Leaders know the best way to deal with the unknown is by asking the question. As well when you face some situation that you don’t the answer or not even know what to do. Is to start asking the right question that will help you see better the situation in a different approach and different ways.

Some question will shape your life, some will help you acquire the knowledge to see and feel better by eliminating the confusions of the unknown and guide you the new direction

The cause that makes someone effectively according to the research is the quality of the right question that they ask. From making a decision, solving problems and discover the true inner self.

One of the values that give such a good important of asking questions beside you seek for the answers and try to understand things but as well to find the true meaning that make sense of what you really want to know.

Asking question will opening for your point view side intellectually and will form a new approach that activates a new habit consist to educate you for the outcome.

The encouragement that comes from this subject if leading to not only asking a question but rather asking a good question. That is an art that needs it to train practice and exercise. And it is truly a skill that can be learning.

81 Good Questions to ask yourself to become a better person

Good question help you to analyze things as if it is a drawing that opens your mind in an active way to understand better and clear the unknown.

It’s a powerful way to discover the fundamental aspect of what is logical and even emotional. This is the learning curve!


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A good question is a guiding light to:


  • Find and seek the answers
  • Understand the matter
  • Solving the problems
  • Abstract the essential
  • Gather and generate a new idea
  • Educate you to unknown
  • Acquire the data
  • Bring clarity
  • Instructing you to the topics
  • Increase your accessibility to the information
  • Eliminate all confusion


The importance of asking a good question is developing your good communication with others in a social environment or in your workplace.

But as well asking the right and good question will enlarge your critical thinking at a very scale to a research standpoint that applies to shape your result in an effective way.


Here are 81 Good Questions To  Ask Yourself To Become A Better Person

1-What great about life?

2-What I can do solve this problem 

3-What’s the meaning to me success?

4-What was I doing a year ago?”

 5-Am I living my full potential?

6-What is my potential?

7-What is the meaning of life?

8-What is my mission life

9-What is my goals in life?

10-How can I enjoy life meanwhile doing what I love

11-How to spending my time in a better effective way?”

12-Who do I spend the most time with?”

13-What is the most important thing in my life?

14-What is good about this?

15-How is the money being spent?

16-What is my dream in life?

17-What it will cost me if I don’t…?

18-What do I want to learn next?”

19-What others see in me?

20-What I am willing to give up in order to?

21-Do my action match my what I say?

22-What am I afraid of?

23-What have been holding me back?

24-What are you doing about it that contributes to future?

25-What is the best version of me?

26-What is something I can do for someone else today?

27-What is inspiring me?

28-What I most happy with?

29-Am I willing to make the sacrifice necessary?

30-What worst that could be happening?

31-How can I be more helpful to those around me

32-If you were going to die soon and had only one person to call, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?

33-Who I want to become?

 34-How can I help someone else change their life for the better?

 35-What is my belief?

 36-How can I set myself to succeed in what I do?

 37-How can I perform better?

38-What the things that I give much value in life?

39-What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

40-Who do you love?

41-What is my inner strength?

42What is something I can do to add value to the world today?

43-What are you grateful for?

44-What am I passionate about?

45-What I am most proud of?

46-What is ideal for me?

47-What would happen if you did?

48-What am I good at?

49-What is my gift, talent in life?

50-What is the price needed to be pay?

51-What is my drive?

52-What ‘s guided my decision?

53-How to overcome my limitation?

54-What is the biggest lesson I ever learned?

55-If you became like the 3 people you hang around with the most, what kind of person would you be?

56-What is something that I have to offer other people?

57-Where will you be in 3 years if you keep going in this direction?

58-What is the most effective way that I can do that?

59-What are my values?

60-What is my vision in life?

61-Am I using my full capacity?

62-What do I want in life?

63-Is is worthy?

64-How can I adapt to life and circumstances?

65-What can I offer to the world as value

66-How can I make a difference in others life

67-If have one that to live what I would do? Who I would call? What I would say?

68-What is the best thing that ever happens to me?

69-What I want to live for?

70-What can I do to make this process worthwhile?

71-What is my responsibility?

72-What I want to be remembered?

73-Who has the biggest impact on my life?

74-Did I give my best?

75-What is my greatness? Am I living it?

76-What can I do today different from yesterday?

77-What skills I need to learn?

78-What are some qualities that I need to have?

79-What would this look like if it were easy

80-How much of life had I missed from underplanning or overplanning?

81-What is something true about me, that most people should know?


You want to live a better life those good question you will need to have an answer and some of them multiple answers in other to get a clear path of your life.

Some of them will bring out the strength in you and open the road map for you to go through the journey of your life.

Some will strengthen the willpower within you and boost your energy to go.

You want to gather more confidence in life. Questioning what you want and the unknown.

Your habits will change from back to good what you ask the right questions. You will be able to learn more about yourself and what you do and why you do what you do.

What way that you can open the sense of your creativity is by bringing up each some good question to your life and life itself.


Tony Robbins put it that way: “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”


Find out where is your deepest intention in all that you do. Seek really how you manage yourself internally by challenging yourself to do and give your best.

Get the enlightenment that will create the foundation the source of your happiness by allowing you to reflect through each of those questions.

Cultivate the good habits of asking good and quality question will increase the sense of becoming a better person with the full awareness that maximizes your consciousness to a mind with a new perspective.

The good key question will help you to discover how to get the most out of your life. And prepare you to seek for the opportunity that raises and commit to personal growth.

To unlock all the best resources and improve exponentially without wasting your time dabbling for what that appear confused and blur in our life, it is crucial to analyze the event in our lives through asking good and quality right questions that will set you up to see clearly at same time bring you the understanding of each point view from a difference angle.

Clarity is power as well knowledge is power.

Your journey in life can change just by increase your self-awareness. That alone can come from asking a good question.




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Do you have a blog? Do you use a particular good question? Share them to us as well! Hope you enjoyed this 81 good question that can make you a better person.


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Author Be More To Be A Better YOU

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