How To Harness Your Potential And Capacity.

One thing that really true is that there are some sort and kind of emotions that stop people do and be what they could be.

Some of the emotions that could harness your true potential and capacity that give you the best quality of life you deserve and use to contribute to the world and your marketplace.

There are some blocks, fear, barrier, and concerns that prevent you do what you know that you suppose to do or what you are made for, either as an entrepreneur, leader, teacher, parents, no matter the industry that you are in or yourself to do what you know is in already in you.


Harness your potential and capacity is the power of influence to take your values shifts them with your abilities to create and contribute in an impactful way and so much more than others expect or you could even imagine.


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The concept behind harnessing your true potential and capacity is to understand that you have within you everything to enable to you move with the right action.

The drive that will take you to step up all the challenges that we face in the tough time, to make the change necessary and mostly get out of your own limitations to do well in life.

How to really stretching your emotion capacity to do, develop and become more each day through your action, the way you lived or everything that you involved to.

What you contribute or you collaborate to, either in your workplace, your family, your community


How to really find a way to create impact and increase the level of your ability to drive and turn your life around. Not only you but affect as well those around you.

Connect with your true capacity will enable you to look for something more meaningful that you know comes from you. Take all your values, qualities and abilities use them to lead you to a successful future.

By nature human being have infinite capacities and possibilities to do, create and make something happen.

It doesn’t matter who you are, your gender or your background (either you are, a Baber, a CEO, a broker, a Stewart, a president, a simple Mom and Dad, salesperson, a volunteer, a High Tech developer, a doctor and so on and on.)


“You and I have the potential to make difference in our world as the outside of world.”


Each one of us has a life that could be meaningful, that can make the difference in the world and in you.

Nowadays we have the possibility and access to the modern technology world to almost anything. We can reach others in the most faster way, we can learn in several formats, we can see even what is going on in others place instantly.

But the reality is how could we use this tools that are available for us to bring something extremely meaningfully that contribute to a major impact and affect people’s lives in a very good way or bring something that matter to life.


Maybe we need to look back a little bit in our life and ask ourselves:

What are really made for?

What is the purpose of our life?

What is something that we can contribute to making difference?


And the most important one: What is really matter?

In a course of a year what really I have done? Each and every day in yeah that is something that you are proud of that you have to make and contribute.

What do you know in your gut that was so impactful to others and make them feel better?

Some people look at their life this year; if they didn’t make a lot more money they think that they didn’t have a great year.

Most people have their drive by money and materials.

Don’t get me wrong money important not only for people but for the world economics.


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But if we look a little deeper or if we could ask Bill Gates the richest man in the world what was the most important for him either the money or add value to the world with Microsoft?

I think his answer would be obvious to build value to the world more than any company existed.

If you could ask mother Theresa the same question: what was the most important for her either money, fame or bring the value in such way that all worlds can feel it even not knowing her personally.

I am should it would be the same the form to reach life in others by her ability to create impact and benefits them with such love and caring.


Some the best successful people in the world become so successful by collecting all the resources and build and design something that they bring to life using their potential create something with a great cause and purpose that can affect the life of so many people.

The results are outstanding … the more people they reach the more impact they have.

The quality of your life determines how you shape your life for the better.

What something different you do today compare to yesterday’s life.


Most people that get to the level of feeling living the life they want to be have been in the same situation you are right now.

You and I have the same needs in other to use our full potential and capacity to change our world live in a deeper level that will enable us to live the best life we want, need and deserve.


We have the ability to make life better, by creating better rituals to give us a foundation to commit our to give more, be more, do more and create more not to have focus in our self,

but comes with a place to look at the deepest needs of seeing the world and the loves one that is mostly around us at a better place or way to live.

If you believe or not, our inner circle can affect your life in a tremendous way.

Those around you can drag you down and lower all your desire that put so low you’re potential and prevent to your act with the higher level of capacity.

You and I have some amount of value that we can bring to the world.

And get other to the edge to raise as well their level of abilities to increase the quality of their lives and those around them as well.


The Use Of Our Potential

Now how can use our full potential to create a way to benefit other with what we do and where we do our daily activities.

Our job and responsibility are to take this moment of our life and shift what we do in the best possible of our time to take the maximum advantage in this year and next one.

You have so much within you. You can do more than you think you are capable of doing now.

You can become more valuable from now on that you have to be yesterday, last month or last years.


The new question is what I need to do to gain more skill to become more valuable from now on. How can I contribute for the better?

You need to redirect and reshifting your focus on what you are thinking of to be and how you can become who you need to become?


First, you absolutely need to change all your limiting believe and see and look at life better from a different angle. Begin the change now.

By lower all your concerns about how you get to do.

Everything you could think of to do by applying to the ability to see and better the benefits that is waiting for you in long-term future, align your belief with your desire to become the person you want to be.

By human nature, we all have unlimited power to live at the highest level to transform the quality of what we do and how we do what we do.


What is your intention to accomplish in your life? Look at the real reason you are doing and living the life you are in right now.

Is there are a level you want to reach a business level, professional level or in personal level?


How could you change what you use to do what you want to do? In spite of diversity in life. What you want to find a way to increase your activity in the better way of creating a better result.

Look at how many actions you have taken last year and last month and just recently yesterday in that specific tasks.

Could you have done more? Could you have to give your hundred percent through?

How do you approach your day, your activities, and your goals in life? How do you take those as an example to lift your tomorrow for the better plan despite how the past behavior has been?

You are already on the road of life. Still missing much more to go in other to get the best result in the faster way possible.


Give, Give, Give!

There is an attitude to bring the abundance in your life and life of others, In all situation, no matter who and where and what is give, give, give.

I have the privilege to learn this idea by a great mentor Grant Cardone. And later get the same reminder by one of the great business entrepreneur Gary Vernychuck Jab Jab Jab!


We have the mission to give more the world, give more to others, give more by doing more than you expect… Committed to giving more of what you are doing by starting by now.


Ernst Cenege

Author Be More To Be A Better You

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