When You Feel Losing Everything, Want To Quit And Giving Up

How life would be if you know that you can never lose?

Have you ever think about when you really want something so much, you could have chance to never get it or have it, and feel losing everything.

So what happen when things like that happen to us? Let’s see…


Many time we face the situation in life where really looking for something, look for being some type of person that we really want to be base on what happened in our past experiences and we don’t want to those reappear to our life.

We tried to do all that we can to avoid so many pain and then to recover a new way of living. But even though some of us still feel losing control of our mind and our life.


We tend to look for a way to adapt to any situation even knowing the truth no one in life can adapt to any situation.

We might find a way to deal with what is going on but for real we are not totally adapt with and accept all that is going on around us. Cause we get some signals some signs of losing interest in what is connecting around us. (Work, Career, Relationships etc…)

The good is we can still find a way to be in the place where are without too much outgoing of full involvement that will not give us the charge of bringing out what sometimes will make us being a person that has inner fighting with ourselves.


We find a way to accommodate ourselves due to the fact that we have something more and more important that have been the main reason in a far way before bringing us to that place.

That the need of being in this moment where we are was due to a life needs, purpose or goal to achieve.


Some people find way to easy filtrate in a group and some others are more likely difficult to get integrated into some group of place that they find themselves in.


Not bad for always looking for the better way to fit ourselves in the society but do really all this?


Some people might yes and other might have different opinions.

But the truth is real from both side because each and every person have different background, different culture and a different set of belief.

Feel like in the lost way?

Who are those that can adapt?

Most people have to ability to adapt to a situation. We know that people are not the same in a different type of situation.

Some people have more easy to and others are less capable to do it.

It doesn’t mean something wrong but sure enough, everyone has a level of sustaining themselves in front of what that present to them.


We all face difficulties and challenges in our daily lives. From all sort they come to us. By interacting, by see the way things going on that sometimes way far beyond what we expected.

By not getting the result that we are looking after and some of the time we put so much effort, energy and time to cooperate with those challenges but not been able to reach out what we really need and expect for as the real and good result.


  • We question ourselves :
  • What is wrong?
  • What is wrong with me?


By asking those type of question … we start to losing faith in ourselves, searching for what have we not done yet or what we cannot do and have what we want.

Is the moment where doubt and self-pity come to make us see our much we are missing in life to reach and something and bring in our imagination that we might never be able to achieve anything or those things that is a matter for us.


After putting so much effort and energy how come we don’t get what in heart we really desire?


The human being is survival mechanism has not been sometimes created to think of both side right and wrong, success and failure, or victory and defeat, win or lose.


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Some people have being able to really get themselves to be very much aware of What possibility that has in life from base on the past experiences and past experiments that sometimes there is a chance of factor that we can lose even we have done all the possible way to gain what we were looking after.

We don’t have in mind that we can do everything right and the result gets wrong or very different.

The only thing that we can think of is feeling like losing our mind in life even if it just something you were doing that went wrong.

Here the big question Why I did everything possible and I fail so bad.

Why everything went wrong meanwhile I have been pay so much attention to avoid what might have to be contrary?


This is the mystery in life that we don’t know about. Someone wrote somewhere:

life is so unfair, I might be sure some situation like that happens to that person.

What Cause that everything wrong?

What happens to us when everything going wrong around us?

In so many cases in life, we try to do our best in so many ways possible things turn into bad for us.

Either in cooperation with others, in business, in career and relationship.

All different have certain way and level of intensity that can be really affecting us so strong and cause us stress, overwhelming, frustrated, concerns, worried and even giving up.


And all the cases can be reacting different way and different manner into life and each individual. Some might be rating very low to someone and the same might be rating very high to another one.


But the unclear point of here is you have done everything right and everything turned wrong.

All your effort that you have put in those days, time and your action were turn around in vain.

No result absolute went good and everything you do is bad and most of the case you become a human being with a bad image and likely and wrong person from your encounter are.


No one can see that you have done even something good because your image turns to a different way of perceiving through the other’s eyes.

You become blur and unseen and a real true person that has done such good effort to do the thing you think about in the right way.


Nothing around has been set in your favor to bring the good to you. Nothing around you have been set in the right way to avoid bad one come to you.


We might admit to ourselves sometimes what we think that might good to do where as well wrong to be done in that time.

As we cannot predict what is going to happen we couldn’t know what is need to be excluded and eliminate by avoiding to do them and miss to do them.

We couldn’t prevent to know that we don’t have to be in that place for a certain reason that might cause you to lose control of everything in life you have done even with so much effort…


When everything around you going in a different way for you, or in a different point of view for you and if you are not in to integrate your certain belief of how things can be going in a better way.

No matter what you will do, will turn into against you and against your will. In a better way to say will turn back to you.


At that moment you don’t have real power over.

Not because you are weak but because it is not compatible with your system and believes.

As we know everyone has a certain belief that makes them who they are, what they do and the way they do and act to those things they do in life.


This is where at the moment in life you find yourself in a point of feeling you are losing control of everything.

You have very good intention to do the best you can do but everything went in a different direction.

You have been truly a real to yourself and others even you couldn’t accept everything around you but your real person couldn’t show because too many things went to too much opposite.


And you might sometimes look to defend yourself but you alone is not enough to bring for you what is the truth.

You even try and try to adapt and be align with the system but you couldn’t and you couldn’t for real.

You’re willing to do the right things and your willingness to adapt to opposite situation by being underline to not bring disturbance went all wrong.

Your true become lies for others, your real become unreal for others, your image becomes unseen for others and you feel trap by your own in the middle of nowhere.

And you are the damage one in the eyes of everyone.


Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever be in this situation or some other situation in that manner?

Have you been label as (……) by others meanwhile you have don t anything right and for the good cause?

Have you been wondering what have you don’t so wrong that makes everything turn so bad to you like that?

Have you been to bring this into your conscious knowing you didn’t do those wrong things to drag all those bad to your life?


Is the moment to reflect how much your life can be fall apart when the fears of being wrong to take place in you. There are no places for you.

You feel like down the whole asking forsee the true in you but no one sees.


And everything went away from you. Because you are and were too afraid to be wrong.


Having the FEAR of being wrong can really bring everything you do wrong.


The purpose of this article is to help a reader to be aware and observe the unseen Fear that can every human being by nature have it from a low or strong standpoint of life.

Is the fear of losing everything that makes you want to quit and giving up. You can kill this fear when you gather the truth at a consciousness evidence of loss.

Base on true fact experience.


By Ernst Cenege



9 Ways To Easily Lose Weight Fast And Keep It


Have you been looking to lose weight and never be able to gain the result that you are looking after?Have you been your diet plan over and over and still not sees yourself where you really want it to be?

While so many people trying to lose weight by desperately control the food and calories, Start with new plan of form nutrition, squeeze themselves to workout with intensity, exercising in excessive…

Loosing weight can become the most painful, and full with a lot disappointment.


How To Lose Weight Fast

So many article and blog post on these topics and many experts are giving their thought and study on different way that you can lose weight.

There are good and advice that is really work. There are as well others that have different result compare to each and others individual.

The truth is that there are so many ways that people can lost weight in effective manner. Remember the result work different for everyone.

The first secret to lose weight is you get to make it a must for you.

Deploy a strong willpower within that you will not settle until you reach out the big result you really want and looking after.

Don’t get into the dogma of some of the expert that spread the quick fix loosing weight fast through their little formula that most the time not work exactly as it has been guarantee.


You know exactly the easy tips on weight loss.

  • Burn as much calories as fast possible
  • Reduce in eating the old bad appetite
  • Cut Back Sugar
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Taking very few calorie
  • Work out constantly
  • Eat better and healthy food


Lose weight fast

The question is how many percentage of the world seeking to lose weight fast that really follow through what their know that is necessary to do in order to gain the result of satisfying with themselves?

A lot of study conduct in some university find out different way that people can see major prevent of gaining so much weight. Most of the time those are not so difficult or and demand huge physical effort.

The problem is relying on how we reprogram our mind to follow exactly what is needed to be.

We all need a shifting mind to be able to attain the outcome of our life. We will discover the best tips to loosing weight fast and keep it.

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Now this is your choice to embark right now in this journey of find your healthy path just for once and that is.


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9 Ways To Easily Lose Weight Fast And Keep It.


1-Check Your Weight

You need to know you starting point. Where you are right now to be able to see and be accurate where you want to go.

By knowing how much you weight you will be able to measure the exact improvement you will do through your daily effort on your activity plan.


2-Find A Mentor

Don’t fall in the trap of just going alone by yourself not knowing exactly what you get to do.

Look for an expert or a mentor.

Someone that already has been in this before you and seek for the best advice.

In might be through a personal coach, an experience fellowship that lost weight, or book.

The reality is where is knowledge.


3-Write Down You Plan

Anyone that you have in mind its just a wish, according some research when you write your plan and goals,

the physical activity of writing set close your mind to see real the desire to achievement your plan.

And you know what ever your mind focus on it is what appeal to be real.

So write down your plan about everything that enter to the process.


4-Drink Water Constantly

Water is one of the most essential when it comes for loosing weight.

Before breakfast or lunch and dinner you need to take water and in the middle time remember to drink water.

Keep with you always a bottle of water and most import not only keep the bottle but keep your body hydrated drinking much more water from the course of your day.

No matter you are not hungry and thirsty. Human body is 75 percent of water.

During the day you loose certain percentage of that according to what kind of activities you are doing. The need to replace always water in you body in inevitable.


5-Exercise / Workout

There are different myths in this. Remember the body of each individual reacts different way from each and every person.

Some people need to just to workout at least 3 time in week and other have to do much more that 3 day in week.

All will get align with the type and the progressing part of the individual.

You really have to try different way and day to see what and where you are getting more result in time and effort.

Workout doesn’t mean that you have to go every single day in a gym. You might want to change some routine.

From lifting weight and biking, running, doing Pilates, swimming, Zumba, Yoga and other activities that involve and strong burning fat and cardio.

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You can never think about tremendous change that 15 to 20 minutes cardio each and every day can bring to you process of loosing weight fast.

Many times the big result come from those little extra time that you use in your advantage.


6-Cut Back In The Sugar

Its become so difficult when someone get in from of the cookies, sweet crackers, cake, or any other time of things that we eat and containing high volume of sugar.

Year its get in all our attention and our mind is really there to protect you from the settle back.

By offer even small amount of portion just to not let you suffer of being so indecisive to pass away of eating sugar.

As you what are you want and you will be able to choose where and what you want to do.


7-Walking Can Be Significantly Important

We can never think about how much walking and jogging can have great and significant effect on burning so much fat calorie.

30 minutes help anyone maintain the way. Mean reset the body.

But when you increase any little 15 or 20 more you set your body not only to maintain but also to burn so much on top what have been to maintain.


8-Healthy Food Is Mandatory

It’s obvious most of people are very far to become fit as their wish to be.

No result will take place If you don’t stop eating the processed, packaged and fast prepared food those are food to never eat.

It is needed a radical change in the quality food that you are eating from now on. Fresh and whole meal is where you are going to see the result.

(Protein, whole meal, grain and fresh vegetable). Always choose those are fresh item.


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Not only have a good healthy benefit diet plan as well eating fewer bite will help you but don’t confuse yourself that way in spending time to not eating.

Fewer bit is mean fewer bit but it highly recommend to eat in between breakfast and lunch fruit of any small portion of meal that is fresh and whole.

Don’t let yourself be hungry for food but consumes the best portion of healthy food.


Protein Example highly recommend:

By Kris Gunnars, BSc


  • Meat – Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon, etc.
  • Fish and Seafood – Salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters, etc.
  • Eggs – Omega-3enriched or pastured eggs are best.


Low-Carb Vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Full list


9- Full Normal Sleep

As simple as it is normal 7 to 8 hours sleep can dramatically change your metabolism to work in your favor with you plan.

Not because of the tiredness, but study and research conduct shows that full 7 to 8 hours sleeping is a major help to lower you metabolism functionnement.

Get good sleep is part of the plan of become totally fit.

Don’t skip any of the steps. Because each one have the working part in the process. To really loose belly fat and loose weight fast, the application of all those and seek for more knowledge and more specific plan.


How To Easy Quick Lost Weight Fast

To see rapid change in your weight loss diet plan, Healthy fresh food are extremely important.

There are the kind of food that help you loose weight and loose belly fat naturally.

If you want to see long-term result in weight-loss, it necessary to make the choice of changing the whole you use to behave to some better new healthier eating habits and practices.

This is one of the best diet plan to lose weight fast and keep it.

At the end of everything the challenge is yours. See yourself reach your goal will be the biggest self satisfaction of attaining the quality of life and lifestyle you ever wanted.

It is your hand and your power to lose weight fast and keep it.

What you make of your routine will help you either reach your goal or gain the satisfaction of yourself. Kicking out all the old habits and replace them by the new you.



Ernst Cenege

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43 Effective Ways to Overcome Depression Naturally

43 Effective Ways to Overcome Depression Naturally

Depression is a serious condition and state of feeling sad, mood and mental disorder that affect the normal way of living in which a person diagnose by only feeling overwhelm with fear, sadly, hopeless, unimportant and unable to be act correctly. Meanwhile thousand of thousand people are suffering daily from these symptoms to find way to overcome depression.

Feeling depress doesn’t come from a simple aspect or situation of life. Depression isn’t a random of emotion that causes low self-sufficient, neither a sensation of being lonely, inactive or unimportance.

Despite the fact that many people have this tendency or common misconception about the way to get a treatment to overcoming depression, most deny that isn’t that easy and quick.

You cannot overcome depression in just a snap out of, not a blink of an eye, it is not that simple.


What is depression?

Depression is way far more than a just, it is really a serious of several psychological disorder and emotion that trigger our mood, characterized usually by :

  • Feeling fear of,
  • Feeling concerns about,
  • Feeling stress out of,
  • Feeling having to deal with a bad day, week or months,
  • Feeling insecure,
  • Feeling unhappy,
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Feeling Hopeless
  • Feeling unimportant
  • Feeling so sad.

And more…

Depression can appear to be deliberately, from different forms and ways depression make you become weak and reduce your strength of feeling strong mentally to boost up your mood and energy, need to take in consideration and treat with carefully.


What are cause and effects of depression?

Some of the strong cause of depression can be

  • -Overwhelm from work
  • -Relationship struggles
  • -Sickness of a family member
  • -Career change

Get through a depression stage in life can be the reason a lot of diverse effects that produce so much strange feels according to the ideal conditions that you are facing.

Among those that can provoke a need of strong medication, not wanted to talk about it with loves one, Lack of self confidence, irritable, not feeling good to think through something, mentally block, a drop of a self esteem, a poor level of memory, inability to make good decisions and dealing with everyday events, poor performance and scarcity,

Overcoming depression have some effective and remarkable way to be treating, coping and dealing with the symptoms disorder.


43- Effective Ways To Overcome Depression Naturally.



1-Look for something to do/Move to an active person

It’s really important to look for something to do when you feel depress. Find a way to change your focus by doing something. It could be any activity just you need to move yourself physically where you are to another place. It could just a little walk around your house, in the city, do something inside your house. The idea is using your body, hands and feet to not let you start sitting of laying.


2-Physical activities/Exercise/Stretching

Exercising play a big role in procuring a good and healthy life. Make you feel strong, boost your physical energy to well become stronger and healthier. Exercises bring confidence, a good self control, developing and maintaining a physical fitness etc.…


3-Break The Isolated Pattern/Avoid Being Along

Mostly people feel depress exactly when they are in the moment that they are alone. Usually in the moment that they are by themselves all the negative thought and struggle come in mind that to ruin the stability on calm state of mind. The concerns and worry appear to them so real that submerge all the self-pity and culpabilities.


4- Talk To A Friend/ Supportive People

A friend to talk can be a pretty good help for someone that is feeling the symptoms of depression. A supportive friend and help and direction your mind even unconsciously to focus on stories, and any kind of topic that you take of your mind and thought on think bad to what happen to you or how you do you feel.


5- Think About Gratitude/ What You Grateful For In Life.

Be grateful is the ultimate key to create abundance within. The gratitude is the feeling of showing and giving thanks for what you have and who what you might have. Is as real the appreciations of a benefit that you have receive from someone that your express your thankfulness.


6- Express yourself

Find a way to say what are those emotions that you feel in the moment. Having how to really express yourself can quickly help you to regain force to feel your vulnerability of a true self. Anyway and to anyone that you are able and to find and express yourself will be the way out to feel so depress.


7-Biking / Swim

Biking and swimming are two different forms to make you focus on something difference. To be able to treat a depression stage you will need to shift your mind from where you are to another place that you want to be. A good way to absolutely take your mind miles away from your body is getting into a competitive exposure to help your mind concentrate on going somewhere that you are far to get physically.


8- Prepare An Healthy Food/ Energize Food

Healthy food has so many benefits. It boosts your energy, feed your entire cell. Help you to sustain and protect the good functioning of your mind. The bodywork better.


9- Avoid Sugar/ Caffeine

Avoid the sugar and caffeine is so helpful to keeping your energy up. And reduce the amount of fatigues that your daily activities bring to your mental and physical body.


10- Watch Pictures/Video Funny

Funny movie and pictures capture your mind and help your feel a positive route from something. Its move your state of mind and feeling to be rejoice in the creature of something attracts or ridiculous.


11- Pray/Meditate

A pray can through meditation give you the possibility to enter into and mindfulness place where you get connected to another greater feel and place in your inner self.


12- Write Something/Journal

Writing help you think and bring you’re a new way to feeling the freedom to express more and clearly your feeling and your desire. Your journal have and can be the best and true way to really say what ever your mind is feeling in that specific moment.


13-Set Long And Short Terms Goals

Have some long and short terms goals permit you have something to look for, the keep your attention in a very clear of achieving something that could contribute to a better and greater terminal point. It push your intention to aim more and use your ambition to get a better result that could make the difference into your life.


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14-Hydrated/Drinking Water / Tea

Keep yourself hydrated not only help to satisfy a physical desire but it have your sustain an maintain the balance into your physical body, mind and shaping you’re the component of an healthy life.


15- Take A Bath

Taking bath help you relax yourself completely from the tiredness at all the nivel. It is as well a physical activities that complete help your to let go all the stress that your gather during a living day.


16- Play a Game/ Play With

Play a game is a way to think different when it is competitive, and it will for your to get out of a serious and unplayful state to give you’re a way more feeling and expressing more of humor that is most of the time contagious.


17- Self Mirroring/Look Into A Mirror

Take time to look back of yourself is very good exercise to anyone reevaluate themselves at a level of full awareness. You need to know how your look and how other see you. See yourself give you’re a different perspective on what you are to what you really thing you are.

18- Read Good Book

Read is a great source of getting to another world. By reading you acquire so much information that processing at a very fast of traction. Reading is was to make you revive a new scene that your can feel you relate, conscientious about and way to gain new sources of info about any topics.


19- Sleep In Different Way

Sleep is essential for that life of humanity. Sleeping can help your increase the level of your wellbeing and decrease the quantity of stress and reduce your depression symptoms.


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20- Have A Massage

Have massage help you stimulate your blood circulation, take you to a space of relaxation, where you can feel the life charger fall away from your back. That you can become fresh and light with a clear rejuvenate human being.


21- Go For A Walk

A Walk can be so much beneficial for anyone. First its put your into a very large distraction as one of the way to stop focus on what make your get into the depression. The distraction bring from walking beside contribute to a healthy way but get your mind open to see all around you.


22-Get On Your Favorite Music/ Beats

Get your favorite much can excite you and move you by dancing and singing to feel better. Your favorites hits have a power to change your state and as fast as possible


23- Try To Remember A Special Moment

Depression is a total game mentally game. A special occasion is sufficient to change your mind of feeling to depress into a seeing the special and beauty moment where something that happen can automatically make your feel happy and happy.


24- Go For Shopping

Some people, mostly woman use shopping to shift them mind when they feel depress. It’s really proven shopping stimulate your feeling to give yourself something better that being in silent, punish yourself alone.


25-Reward Yourself For Something That You Had Accomplish

Let the joy of receiving something even from yourself for something in the past that you had reach and set to accomplish. Reward yourself for something you deserve can give your such level of joy that make your feel that you are or have been at your best.


26- Learn Something New

Learn is get more of yourself to become more and more valuable in life. Learning eliminates your state of being depress. Instead give you a new way of to create new opportunity for yourself. It can be learn to cook a good receive. The reality is no matter what skill it it, its surely will be the way more in your benefit.


27-Don’t Compare Your Life With Others

Many people spend they time looking at what other people have, and procure in them life in order to compare what they have and what they don’t have yet. Everybody is individual; mean you don’t know in what situation someone have been trough, your situation will never be the same with other and others people lives will never can compare with your because they have been in different hardship than you.


28- Understand The rules In Life.

In life there are some rules that never change. The are some of the things that you just need to accept them, adapt with them and try to make your move without trying to broken those rules.


29-Start To Work On Your Self Appearance

There are always something that you can opt to for yourself. There are new way and new style that you can start to put in practice that will help you in a course of your life become different that the way you use to be.


30-Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Past.

When people get depress the feel that they have commit something wrong through the decision. Sure everyone make mistakes but mistakes help you knowing the better to see what is really work and worth for you and what are those that are not.


31- Make A Commitment To Yourself

A commitment to do something and become something will prevent you and help your to avoid being and feeling so depress. Your commitment stay up to enlighten your way of get exactly what you want even through hard time and struggles.


32- Think Positively

People under and depression disorder always see what is wrong, easy to get an negative emphasized and talk negative way about them life. When you think positively, it protect your mind against the negative words that condemn you into a pessimist. By Thinking positively help you get clear in from of you how much opportunities are availed ahead.


33-Recognize Negative Talk And Stop Using Those Words

Negative talk drain your energy, you sense of life down. Get your mood down. People that negatively talk are easier to irritated, intolerance. They are not wiling to put the effort necessary to positive act. They see what is wrong ahead of them way before they even start.


34- Look For A Distraction

Looking for any sort of distraction take away your mind from thinking so much on the way you feel. Distraction can be a better way to deliberate your mind from feeling down and mood down. Distraction activate in you’re a pursuit of what is going on from time to time.


35- Make Some Research

The fact your are taking time to go to make some research, you are totally focus design an new direction for your mind to being busy doing something productive. Become so productive that you have enough empty space to let your mind think what happen that you didn’t satisfy about.


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36 -Accept Disappointment/ Find A Need To Move On

Failures’ and disappointments that part of the mechanism of a daily living, without them the mean of life become loosing the meaning of feeling using the effort to get something out of life.


37- Get Involve In Social Activities

Social activities are way to complete and fill all empty space that could put your mind in remember the emotions of sabotages’ that bring all sort and characteristic a person that is suffer of depression. Social activities are a cure of being lonely.


38- Be A Volunteer

Volunteer in something is giving your time, energy, effort to contribute to something much more greater that what you actually to and feel. It is such a nice feeling to give what is the most valuable for you, to serve for other cause. Volunteer to a group or an organization makes it clear that you are care for…


39-Give An Honest Compliment To Someone

Some people can’t ever imagine that give some compliment to other doesn’t have nothing to do with having any particular interest in the other part. Meanwhile an honest compliment can light some on up and change radically the state of let that person know that you do see in them.


40- Avoid Pills/Medications

Medication often has second consequences. It is requires before anyone use pills for any kind of medical and clinical need have to contact him or her doctor first. Even more when someone is suffering with symptoms disorder that are and can beat up with natural form of treatment, not considerable taking pill by your own but surely something that medical should recommend it.


41- Go For A Visit / To Someone/ To A Place

When you go to visit a place or to someone you totally get to connect with an extern part of life. You are set to jump into an adventure. Let in back where you are to somewhere that might be unfamiliar create within and new desire to know what is in the other side of that place or to that person.


42- Go To See A Game/ A Concert

A basketball game, a soccer game, a baseball game, a concert in any kind of gender are great source of finding pleasure to get yourself out to live some other experiencing through what they do the best and the most. Sometimes it can be cheerful, playfully, joyfully, and more. The essential experiencing other experience is great way to left behind a depression state.


43- Take Control Of Something

If there something all people that a suffering with depression have in common is the don’t feel having control of themselves, them thought and even control over they action. Take charge of doing something will enable your to stand up strong even the unhappy shows up.

Find a way to gain back your full control will tremendously stop the road that you procure depress and eliminate that feeling and see yourself in incapacity to do what ever you want to be and feel.


Hope you have found something that you can quickly adapt and implement in any situation that you might find to the trap of a depression. If there some much more important to ask you: is to share with me some form and way that you overcome depression that have bring you result. And share this to someone that might need and some help.


Ernst Cenege

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5 Proven Ways To Loose Weight Fast And Belly Fat Safely .

Weight lost has been a very big challenging for most and a lot of people.

There are many ways you can find to loose way. In fact there thousand of thousand websites if the category health with tons of content specifically weight lost.

How to loose weight fast can be very frustrated, painful and even devastated sometimes.

Some people try to follow a bunch of diet plan that might have some result in some specific gender or metabolism.

There are so much that someone can do to loose weight fast. With all of the strategy and proven weight lost available for anyone.

Some people find them motivation to lose weight in other person ( Coach, Trainer, friend, peers). Meanwhile some others have difficult to get the purpose driven in weight lost motivation.

In every areas in life, career; whoever want to succeed need to develop self discipline to get you going each time you feel low energy to practice and act on your demand.

However weight lost work well for those who are really want to put in practice constantly for long period of time that it become a way of living, not something they are try and try to.


To be able to get so much result in a short period time, it’s essential and base on the science

  1. -You have to exponentially increase and improve your metabolism health working system.
  2. -Decrease and break down in an amount significantly your level of appetite and starve.

If you arrive in a place that you can follow through and understand this quick point and highlight it as a plan that you must live by instead of procrastinate that you should follow.

You will never have to worry about loosing weight anymore.

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Here are 5 Proven Ways To Loose Weight And Belly Fat.


1-Drink more water

Everybody know that they need to drink water but most people don’t.


  • The average human adult male is approximately 69.69% water, by weight.
  • The body water constitutes as much as 73% of the body weight of a newborn infant




2- Drink Water with lemon

Water with lemon can so much benefit for you body, change your life, reduce weigth and burning fat. Lemon is so effective as digestive, detoxed your body and cleaner for your metabolism.



3- Green Tea instead Caffeine

If you are looking for a fat fighter for you metabolism, some research recommend that green tea is an incredible and powerful fat fighter.








4-Eat High Protein

High proteins food are essential for a good diet balance and help you build the nutrition necessary for your goods and healthy body.

Here are some High proteins food







  1. Eggs – Cottage – Cheese – Milk
  2. Chicken – Beef – Fish – Tuna –
  3. Oats – Almond
  4. Spinach – Broccoli



5- Exercise

Now mostly in every ten block away of a city you can find a gym. People are confusing when the see or heard the words exercise.










Morning exercise increase and skyrocket you mental and physical health. It prepare you to get in to your daily activities with a better and excited move as a personal inner improvement that work at a conscious level.

Exercise can be just:

  • 30 minutes walking,
  • Running or jogging







  • Gym







  • Biking







  • Swimming







As we can see that 3 of those 5 proven way is containing water. The human body contain in the average 65 to 75 percent of water. The human brain contain 70 up to 85 percent of water alone and water increase your activity level from 14 to 25 percent accordingly to the needs.

Water help you to improve your memory, concentration, focus.

For good of having the level of energy enough to function at hight and significantly, water benefit you to become more creative and grow in brain faster with clear way of thinking.

You have your way out to become more healthy with this 5 proven ways to loose weight and belly fat, fast and effective way.


Ernst Cenege

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5 Easy and Incredibly Ways To Get Organized Your Life

5 Easy Ways To Get Organized Your Life

When it comes to thinking about our life, so many people in some area have struggle to keep organize the way they’re going in their daily live. As a matter of fact anyone that really want to have a great life always have to be at some point organize themselves before anything else.

Some people even claim the way you are able to do things it exactly proportional of the quality of life you design for yourself. In other term the way you organize your life, your day, your activities have so much to do with the result that you get, some sort is part of your personality.

Everyone have his own daily habits and routines that set the course of their life. From the parents, chief executive, employees, teachers, etc…. Every industry in life have their own duties that constantly have place during they day clock pass by.

So when it comes to personal life as well there are many things that people do in a daily basis that include at some how what they are stand for and who they are.Not to mention they are far than manage the daily task and be organize they check box that consider as their to do list. But there is a distinction everybody have their own project characterize as priority according to they work, the way their process them in the twenty four hours of the day might be very different from others.

No matter what fields you are in life, if you really want to have and maintain the best of you, first and for what you represent there are something that you should work on is yourself, your privacy life, your schedule, your priorities.

You need to discipline yourself to be organize your life in way that you could be an outstanding person. Is the same way as if you want to be fit there are some of the things that you have to start to implement to be able to gain and maintain the level of fitness that your desire.

If you want to be happy there are so much things that you have and you should be doing to be able to earn the happiness that you are looking to be.

Questions That Need To Be Answered

  • First we need to define what you are looking after to become?
  • How could you help yourself to be the person that you aspire to become?
  • What strategies you are willing to go for and to implement as soon as possible to start to see yourself close to develop the character of that quality you are seeking for?
  • Do you even ask yourself how much time that needed to spend in researching all the knowledge that you need to start your way to that new life?

Because you are in need of something that you don’t have, you want to become at some point a new personality that you haven’t yet, because you didn’t have the “know” that stand for the information necessary to be that person way before.

Try to reflect a little bit about where you are right now in life and where you want to go.

  • How many things what you have done and how things that you could have done if you knew how to get them done?
  • Did you waste a lot of time? Did you gain a lot?


That is for you to answer, they are relate just to you. Now it’s a new day that, it’s a new life as the song say it. You need right away to make the shift that you want and think its necessary to go all you can to fix what haven’t fixed yet.

Cause it is the time to be organized your life and find your way to dive into a deep adventure with certainty that you can achieve much more by taking advantage to everything and anything that you possess mean time, energy, effort, skill, resources…

You need to think about having a new plan for every area in your current life. You need to think about your health mean you need a plan for the way you eat, what you eat… You need to think about your career mean you get to be hungry for knowledge that could take you to the next level. You need to think about your house the place that you live mean to fix your room, garage, storage, living room, kitchen etc….

You need to think about your office mean you priority works, your employees, revenue, service packages etc….

If you are employee you need to think about giving your best at work be creative, having your vision to grow from your workplace and acquire all the knowledge’s and absorb all the information needed to expand first as a professional and for the good of the industry that you serve.

If you are a professional athlete or if you want to become a professional athlete mean that you really need to organize yourself to get deep into practice and study much more about how to outstanding yourself in the competition to be able to dominate your fields.

If you are an actor/actriz you need to work better on yourself to be at some point the best in what you do to get pass any opportunity that might come in your way. You need to create a big bluster plan.

Unfortunately this is what most people are struggle with or have bid trouble to come up with what going to take them to the next level that they want to, that plan. As it so difficult some people let it go, let the dream go away from that because they think that its so difficult to get a plan, than find the way to learn that skill.

Every skills are learnable, but you just have to put yourself first in a condition to learn them, and get training in practicable with them.

Across the life I have chance to be learn so much through experience and from others experience, that give me a such whole new approach on how to design myself as an professional, in what I do and I have been taking at some point all those learning skills and apply them to my life during years after years, to assimilate them into a chunk of the best 5 easy ways to organize your life for the better.

They are what you can practice for in everyday and every sort of life to be more efficient and effective in what you do, that help you gain massive production.


5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Life

1. Decide To Start

We all know that life itself is about different and several part that feed together. If we call them areas that mix to from what we living todays.

Some people are so overwhelm with so much going on and they get trap in attempt to do so many at once but never get realizing absolutely nothing great. You need to decide what you going to attack first, having in sequences the things specifically by prioritize what is need to get done first.

When you have so many thing going on you don’t have time to focus and master one. Most of the time we do many mess and after have a big hat cover ourself. Look for one thing to start and get it done. feel the obligation to complete it. You will be amaze how satisfy you will be.

2. Start To Clean

You probably say what do you mean by start to clean. i mean many times in life is not because we don’t know what to do, but it’s ratter cause we have things that keep you back, things that now align with your core value that is not going to help you but you keep and hold you back.

You need to delete those, you need to erase them, you need to clean them to be able to refresh yourself to go with lightness less, without those weight that prevent you and keep you to put all your strength to go as far and fast you really want to go.

Remember a lot of time already wasted now is the moment that you need some nitro to speeding your wheel in the track.

3. Fill The Empty Space

You just went to clean up right? Tell me you do have some space that are complete free from now on. This is the moment that you need to look for the goods that you can feel this space, its might be some fuel, knowledge, that you need to keep you on track and on fire.

You can move better than before, how you are going to make sure that you replace your life with things that are exciting, that help you to become better you, better person for your work, for your family, for your community.

Things that motivate you to push beyond all your limit, that could lift your standard high, that will increase you capacity and your productivity. Things that could help you think better and create better, things and way that could give you some additional boost for your diversify areas mean Personal, professional, career, business and so on.

4. Categorize Your Life Through Inventory.

You are in a better shape of view who are really are and who you want to become.

You are not only clean and take away from you all the unnecessary things that was in your life, you have already put some knew stuff as well that you things that might boost yourself up the a higher lever but you need as only just replace that empty space with good stuff but you need to allocate them in the right place.

Cause you can have great resources and great stuff that are really good but if you just drop them like that in the empty space that you just create, its equal of you have just recreate a new mess. Attention to not working in vain. You don’t just create space to recreate new mess, new trash. However it is the case of so many people.

Be wise in what you do, as prioritize you life and need also to categorize it. Looking for all that relate to each other put them in a sequences of terms still prioritize them in your way that match with your values and move from there.

Remember all you do should be something that could take you more faster than you use to be before.

5. Moving the Bar By Being Flexible.

Now you have big power and control over your life, not let thing happen to you but doing thing you want to do in your terms because you choose to. You don’t see things showing up by being set up new things or a new life, new change is the moment that is most crucial.

What I mean by that is how long you can resist on the race. Nothing worth if after a short period you are unable to maintain you status, that is why is crucial. You absolutely need to raise and the bar of life and keep moving it forward. That is why its life, mean be alive, is the continuing after the birth part.

Some people think after they do the hard job, they just have to sit down and see how things are going. You cannot finish to clean and reset up you house with new equipment, furniture’s and new clothes and let everything by themselves you are using them everyday and not reset the house anymore.

No way you can do that the house going to need a constant changement, a constant taking care of , other it will become again a big mess. This is exactly what happen in our lives, the way we do things and what we do once never maintain, its what you do in constant basis that keep you motivate, alive and that make you a personal with standard.

Make sure you know how much it is important for you to be organize your life in every areas, fields and industry by choosing to identify yourself as a personal of value that have an important functionality in a variety needs. You are able to positioning yourself and a solution provider when it is possible.

You are so committed to do go as far as you need to, you are always looking for adding value to your personal life, your organization and your community (mean others people lives), by maintaining the level of activities that push you always an extra miles to become more beyond your inner circle.

Make those 5 easy ways to organize your life be your road map that will shape and maximize you life with access to your new world venture.

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Ernst Cenege

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