How My Pain Turn Me Into A Source of Greatness To Helping Others


Ernst Cenege

HI I'm Ernst Cenege Author "Be More To Be A Better You" and Founder Entre-ChangeMission to help you create change and challenge yourself to find the best within by Improving your skills and become better you!

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2 Responses

  1. Djeb says:

    So many people think that if they experienced negative things in their lives at an early age, or if life was not always smiling to them when they were young, it is the end of the world! No, I am glad you remind us that you don’t have to let our past dictate our future! we can break the mentality that we have to accept our past and continue dealing with the same old past! There is always room for improvement! Thank you so much for this wake-up call! We cannot let our guard down, we need to keep pushing, keep better ourselves and success will come! Thank you again. – so powerful!

    • ernst123 says:

      Thanks for sharing the words Dumond!
      Absolutely most people look for what they didn’t have and the event that happened in their early age keep them down. There is so much room to improve. Those past events can be the greater source of inspiration. The way is looking for giving more from ourselves each and every day!

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