7 Simple Steps How To Have A Great Day In Everyday

7 Simple Steps How To Have A Great Day In Everyday

You probably ask yourself so many times, How could and should I do in order to have a great day every day?

Let me start by telling that you are not the only one asking this question. In fact, so many people start the day with; I wish that I didn’t have to wake up so early, or I wish that I didn’t have to go to work today and so on… You are the only one.

I have been there myself in the same situation until one day everything in my day was going wrong. I was not able to get relax and even to talk to my close one.

I offend them the way I spoke to them, my ton of voice was completely push them away from me. Every little thing drive mad, stressful and nervous. I start to see the change in all the people around me trying to avoid me.

Now my conscious pull me back a bit, I start to reflect and look to find out why I was rejecting everyone and everything. I don’t know if you ever get into this same situation to you regret all those moments you were acting like that.

I must confess to you,  I was really miserable and ashamed.

I decided to look my day in a different way, from a different point of view trying to change and a radical way that I can get back life brightly with my surrounds.

I make some research and decide to try them. And very quickly I found an immense transformation, I become different it was for me a total makeover.

The fact is there are some steps that can help you enjoy your life better from starting your day getting through ways that you can control in order to lead you to have a great day.

These are the result of making essential and prioritize what are those simple habits that can make you happy and living a positive mind shift to create, have a good at day at work or anywhere.

You deserve to make your day better and a wonderful day full of productivity.

There simple steps will teach you how to build up new pattern behaviors to have a great day every day.

Here is How To Have a Great Day 

1- Have Enough Sleep

when you don’t have enough sleep the result of your performance get affected by disability to function well. The lack and missing enough sleep have a major effect on the way you interpret and respond to what happens to you.

You poorly judge the situation that leads you to a loss of effective manner and quality that cause giant fatigue.

You need to have enough Sleep. Your Mind and your body need to rest, some people sleep and don’t rest. You need full sleep and rest to be able to function at the highest level.

When you sleep enough your mind, the body finds the strength necessary to do and assimilate things that you set to.

It becomes more easy to adapt to any situation and bring a wisely judgment from an even different point of view.

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N.B Have your full 8 hours Sleep.


2- Wake Up With Positive Jump Start.

it’s never been easy to wake up in the morning for most people with a good attitude to get through the day. But if you want to have a great day that you can manage and get control of your emotion, you need to discipline yourself first every morning to start the day in a positive way.

With a positive jump start, you express yourself better, you outperform all the negativity that might be facing you along the way.

You are more likely to be the optimist person to go for anything, even you are under pressure but your decision is much better and likely to succeed.

It is far more helpful to reduce your stress and boost your skill and improvement. Positive people are able to make friend more easily and maintain their focus and perspective.

They cultivate a sense of gratitude,  appreciation and be thankful for the event in the lives.

A better way to have a positive jump start is to Smile. A smile from you can make people wonder what is you up to. What is great about you. Smile big you will start a new day and new Adventure.

N.B “You look so much better when you Smile” – Kirk Franklin.


3- Prayer, Meditation, Affirmation.

Everybody has a different point of view about prayer, meditation, affirmation. No matter what gender, culture or religion, you are the one that can direct yourself in this way.

Besides the great evolution of the Science, I personally believe there is a force greater than all the human capacity and perceptions.  but again I respect you, its just absolutely important to start your day with a prayer, meditation, and affirmation (let’s say talk to yourself) so many people mislead this point.

You cannot pray, meditate and make affirmation because you heard somebody did it, you just have to be real in it. A prayer can be just “Thank you”, “Thank you”, “Thank you”!

Your meditation can be just in Silence,  and you can just say that ” I am a wonderful creature, say who and what you want to be, a leader, (great Mother, father, a successful man, woman;).

I can do all the things, I can have and create everything that I want etc….” Speak to your day out for the good, the greatness, bring yourself up to living the great day before it even comes up.

You have to set up yourself into it until you are full relax in doing it.

N.B: A prayer, meditation, and affirmation can change you to embrace a full day!

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4- Reading, Listening, Watching inspiring Materials.

The human being needs to seek for self-help cause we are in constant progression. we need to stay in motion, in shape of mind.

Nobody is perfect we often hear that from others, some people took it like them the excuse to not grow and seek for the better way of progressing.

A daily inspirational material or quote can be an antidote to help you drive, stay motivated, to nourishing your soul, mind,  body and encourage yourself to stand at the highest level of thought of the day.

It can help you to boost or regain your strength, change your mental attitude, transform and empowered your lives. Inspiration materials can help you become an expert in life, career, and Business.

Inspiration Materials educate you, put on the edge, help you experiment by revealing the truth in a significant way to enjoy life, transform and expand into a bright future.

It helps you to take good care of you, create the best solution and make an impact on others lives. When you do that in the morning you set up your day for a major change

N.B If you Feed your mind with great daily inspirational materials, you feed your body and all around you.

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5- Exercise

Exercise can be helpful for a lot of reason. There are so many benefits when you exercise. Your blood circulates better, you acquire more energy and oxygen.

It kills the stresses, tiredness inside of you. When you exercise you feel lighter to do things, you feel much more the sense of wanted to accomplish something.

It helps you to boost your confidence instead

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6- Drink A Lot Of Water

You can come up with this question: What is drinking water have to do with having a great day?

Yeah, I understand, I had this question also. But you probably know and hear about the human body contain 75 percent of water, and recently an advance research confirms that the human brain contains much more water than bones.

Knowing much more about your body by taking a little bit of time to do the research yourself maybe like a scientist, because most people nowadays underestimate the importance of keeping my body hydrated ( mean drinking more water).

Your body needs more liquid; first a lot of water and natural juice. It helps you with clear and detoxicates yourself and skin.

Keep your body energized with water will help you clean your body and eliminate all the toxicity ingredients form dishes, home, clothes, and the environment.

Water enables you to keep balance with your nutrition, as you moving your body and burning calorie during the day activities, it also contributes to recalibrate your inner self, even relieve pain.

Water is so important for all exciting life, as it is for the human being. It is exactly important for nature, animal, and earth.

N.B ” A lot of Water can keep you in Shape.”


7- Embrace Fully You Day

What I mean by embrace your day, I really do mean go into the day forget about what happened in your life yesterday. finding your reason to go fully engage in your activities. Yesterday is not equal your tomorrow or your future.

Your past is behind you. If you had missed something to do this is the moment, this is your day to accomplish what you didn’t accomplish.

You are amazing, you have to decide to start your day with good progress, you are alive.

You are created for good reason,  you are not a mistake. Yeah tell me that mistake happen but you not a mistake to consider.

You were born for the good because today you really need to go for this cause and for every day in your life. Your future is awesome, don’t let any stepping stones that you had in your past life( bad habits, loose, anger, an issue at work, relationship etc..) damage you for the rest of your life.

It’s time to create today a new great day and every day. It’s will be a new victory to be created. It ‘s time to look for the greatness in every single moment in your thought for the day and every day.

Even though you really don’t know what and how is going be happen during the day or tomorrow.  But demand yourself for the greatness and awesome thing coming your way.

See the world a beautiful place in the morning, empower yourself with positive and inspiring images that will serve as the motivator, boosting your feeling, mind and thought with powerful intentions and influencing you positively.

You can make the most out of your day by repeating this steps on how to have a good day using the ability to change your old self-behavior to a new one. Make every day a good day using the opportunity and the gifts of life to feel, breath, speak to life by reclaim and extract the happiness in the first things you do when you start your day.

Do something great for other seven for any damn reason just because you are great. It can be a phone call, something for a colleague, a close one or a smile to someone you don’t know that would be preferable.

No matter how the day can be turned around to find a way to get a fresh start at any moment. Reset yourself for the good and greatness.

Have a great day every day is more having to do with the way you approach your thought of the day. The way that you start getting up from the bed and moving through your journey. Its really important to start your day with full strength, fresh and energized. Wake yourself up with positive mental attitude and sustaining it for the whole and rest of your day!


N.B You Choose a better way to be a better You!


Remember you could have a Great day every day! You are awesome and amazing, start living a great day today. Thank you!

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Ernst Cenege!

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