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Coaching Blueprint

New Approach

It see life from different angle by getting your mind to see better things as the might appear to be. Understand what really the deep core value of each and everything.

Strategy Thinking

Defining diverse manner to better clarify the meaning in evidence. Creating valuable tools to effectively making better decision in your personal life, business and career.


Getting to the point that you can use your skills, tallent and all your abilities to act on your strength and perform at your highest level of achiement.

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What else we provide?

Group Coaching

Bringing together a group of higly motivate people to elevate and enrich their mind to get better result fast.

Personal Coaching

Take individual people to a new stage of maximize their full potential, help them making transition of life goal.


Intensive and educational program design to help you take your skillset and craft your ideas to build your future.

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What our clients say

Ernst helps you reconnect with your core value and self-esteem. Recognize your full potential and how to explore it. The excitement I felt when walk me through a journey with remarkable illustrations, practices. The insights he brings teach you to discover and find inner self. 

Junior Kerry
Ing Manager Green Buildings

Ernst teach you to discover new parts of you, to develop yourself and to analyze the important situations you can meet in your life in order to take the right decision. He helps you to look life from a different angle to bring out the best possible results.

Florin Stănoiu
Freeelance Photographer

Who i am

Ernst Cenege is the author of Be More to Be a Better You. His Mission’s helping people to understand how to become more effective at getting the best results, by finding way to better themselves, Improve their skills to perform at their highest best.  

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  • Consultant
  • Personal Coach

Inner- Strength
Personal Growth
Strategic Thinking


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About Author

Everything within these pages has been experimented, explored, and applied to my own life. I’ve used the principles, the thoughts from the top World class-performers, and business leaders. The lessons have transformed tremendously my life and boost my level awareness and unlocked my full potential.

Ernst founded ENTRE-CHANGE to help as many people as possible to increase their level of awareness and realize their full potential, to achieve maximum results according to their ability and to find true meaning in their own lives. His mission is to bring that sense of awareness and understanding to the forefront so that individual success can begin with the decision to give more of yourself and to be more in whatsoever you do.

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