How My Pain Turn Me Into A Source of Greatness To Helping Others

When I was growing up, I watched how hard my Mom and Dad worked, both at their job and still doing some side hustle to taking care of family home.

It taught me that the way to accomplish anything, the way to succeed was through hard work.

There even time we couldn’t see during the weekend because they had to go look for job opportunity outside our city in order to earn more when his childrenĀ were going to need more money, like for college for example.

They would work graveyard hours and sleep very few to provide for the family. Look back on that, this pretty astonishing.

Seeing them doing everything possible for our family. I never want to disappoint them to all that they teach us.

Until one day at the school parent meeting, My teacher says that I would never be anything life. literally that the children of my Mom would never achieve anything in life.

That was her heartbroken 💔 down pieces and pieces. Came Back with tears. When i saw her like that and asking what happen, Mom?

She won’t answer me! By me keep asking and insist to know what went wrong, finally, she told me that my teacher said I would never anything in life and would not be able to achieve anything for my life.

Tears were starting to drop down, I feel disappointed my family that is working 7 to 7 a week for me. And now they had passed through the biggest shame for me.

Remembering my Mom look at me and said son; Nobody can tell you that you will not be anything in life. Because you can be whatever you want to be.

From that point, I promised myself that I would do anything to never let my mom down like that, and i would do anything to learn and work harder to achieve something because my mom to me I can.

This brought out in me the “value of becoming a hardworking person.” and I have worked hard, since.

Now I have been able to live my journey doing things that I love, passionate about and pursue something greater. Meet so many people around the world from a different background to many places.

✅I become a publishing “Author”, and my worldwide selling book “BE MORE TO BE A BETTER YOU”.

I am so grateful in life !!!🙏

And now I am helping others, just like me that are struggling and going through a hard situation to find a way to create their new path with time and freedom.

Are you in need of a mentor, a coach, and a guidance to create the life you want to live?

I want to help you if you are struggling at some point in your life… And I am pretty sure many others want to help you.


Share with me Where you are right now in your current life.



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