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35 Powerful Thought Provoking Questions That Will Change Your Life.

Powerful Thought Provoking Questions That Will Change Your Life.


Have you ever been in a conversation and your feel stuck? Not knowing what how to make the next person feel engage with you, or you wondering in your little back voice what hell you are wasting your time. You feel boring, not relax, desperate to go away and you don’t feel staying for even on more minutes. You are counting the time to get a move and to go. Let me tell you that you can change the quality of your conversation if the other part is not making you engage at all. What about if you knew how to make a conversation interesting with powerful thought provoking questions that will make not even the other person open to talk to you and both of your enjoy the time.


The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. Thomas Berger

I get a question for you first: What is your position in a conversation? You probably asking yourself why this question. Let me tell you, some people don’t have any clue why sometimes they feel boring talking with someone else.

You might be a businessperson what to have a partner join you to your firm. You might be a sell person trying to get your product or your service in the hand of others. You might be guys that want the girl going out with you, or you might be a girlfriend that wants to make the relation work. Are you parents wanted the kids do something.


The truth is no matter is your position; all of us have moment that we need to influence other or need other influence by you. It will depend of the quality of your conversation with others.

Be sincere with yourself and other will make the best use of your time and your talks. It is not only what weird and boring questions you heard sometimes that make you want going away from have a great time, but ratter what you want for your time.


Instead sometime we blame the next person for not having the right question to ask, what about if you were came up with some powerful and thought provoking questions that could make the person in front of you feel relax and open to talk to you.

Maybe you could have find way in yourself to engage first yourself and others, you could have influence them. Avoid having boring and less engaging talks, not feel wanted to leave, not watching the time to go away. Truly find a peace of mind knowing every individual you are speaking with will have great time with you.


Do you want to create a good and positive feeling, a safer level of intimacy connecting with loves one and even a new stranger; Cultive a true understanding by finding admiration that elevate interest, motivation, vulnerability, ambition, passion from others will shift profoundly your attitudes and behaviors in middle of any type of conversation.

Let me warning you now. Some people try to manipulate other in their conversation, some other with good will try to influence others with the right way of interacting worthwhile.


“We want to answer this classical question, who am I? So I think that most of our works are for art, or whatever we do, including science or religion, tried to answer that question.” – Paulo Coelho

Do you want to have a strong relationship with others and experience an enrich significantly feeling toward any individual you are sometime looking for mutual and reciprocal touch. You need to find good question that allow the other person to talk openly, honesty and to dig a little bit deeper in the mind, thought and soul. Provoking questions that stimulates memories and examines perceptions challenges and respond to ideal beliefs.

Some of can be serve as enlightenment and improvement when it raise the inner awareness that sometimes we even not thinking through what it’s going on our world. It really helpful to reevaluate our interest when our mind probing.


Asking the right thought and provoking questions will help you get more clear, avoid any confusion, misunderstanding you could have. Some important thing needed to consider. The person in that you are talking and speaking with are they will relax, chill, or tense, are they nervous in spending the time with you?

“The marvelous thing about a good question is that it shapes our identity as much by the asking as it does by the answering.”David Whyte

The very best question that you can ever ask someone in any type of chat, conversation to not sound like (blank____0) are those that bring the experience out, aspire the future, their history, that they will have eager to share. Question that they can speak about themselves, their accomplishments, their strength and weakness, ease their concerns if they are in relaxing mood to talk about those moment. Some people might be shy, insecure, uncomfortable to show their personality, their conflict, their role, their projects, .


Different type of questions you will notice here can be form of experiencing life, like encouragement, some for unlock and change your perspective, some will active your interest to push through you gut to become a better person and see what is good in someone else, some will just acknowledge the importance of a mental wellbeing.


Powerful Provoking Questions

Here are 35 powerful thought provoking questions that will change your life


1- what something great you are having in the past couple months?

2- How have you been doing so far?

3-On a scale of one to 10, how much (passion, creative, coolness, …. etc.) are you?

4– What is something you most excited about in your life?

5- Have you been lately consider making some changes?

6- Does it worth it to (keep, Do… )?

7- What ‘s making you Happy?

8- How do you deal with stressful situation?

9- What you are most interesting in right now?

10- Are you really feel living life the way you wanted to be?

11- What do you think you are not really very good at?

12- How important it is for you to reach the level of success you want?

13- How would you describe your strong personality, or yourself in one word?

14- What is your biggest (Chance, take away from, happy moment etc…)

15- How do your feels about (your… having…)?

16- How did you make this happen?

17- What have you done for someone when their didn’t expected you?

18- What is the worst mistake have you ever done?

19- How did you get start with ….?

20- If you can have any superpower, what it would be?

21- Have you get a particular difficult and embarrassing moment in the past?

22- What is your top favorite (place, skills, Books, Music, Movie…?)

23- What motivates you the most in your life?

24- What does your typical best day look like?

25- What is your deep drive and desire in life?

26- What is something you are looking for to improve?

27- What would you give to change things into better?

28- Have your been feeling guilty or regret for doing something or not haven’t done something yet?

29- What are the best things ever happen to you in early age?

30- Do you feel satisfy with your current situation right now?

31- When do you really feel peace with your self at the highest level?

32- Have you Met someone interesting in the past three, six months

33– What are you most grateful for in you life?

34- If you could have change the past what you change?

35– What something you wish everybody know about?


The ability to connect with other is a personal responsibility. It can be define as a transition from emotional point of view. You might be affected by different type of personality, walking through all field and aspect of their life.

The approach of sharing, connecting with people can come naturally if you genuinely caring and look mutual beneficially that help both in their life. The desire to build a sincere relationship can influence people to admire and have tremendous respect for you.

It is important that the questions are able to provide information and insight about their life, their feelings

Those questions will reinforce and redesign the level of your communication. Be the first one that brings value the conversation.


“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” – Albert Einstein


Knowing who you are, what you want in life, what is your inner voice will redirect your thinking in a better and positive way, which others can feel please and related to you. They can have so much reason to feel more consideration and importance of the moment you are getting to their life.

In a conversation, you are not only looking to find answers, but really get the most out of the other person, get people thinking out more openly to find path of their experience, seeing the things that happen in their life.


Provoking and powerful question lead to great answer fill with emotions that reflecting self- exploration, see clearly inner mind and meaning, discover more what is important in the life of others ( their belief, interest, goals, desire, dreams and mostly their experience in life’s journey.

You can make the most use your time with other by just knowing how to process your thought.


This is a list of Thought and powerful provoking questions to ask people in other to genuinely engage, connect and finding common interest, That showing you the real way to value, learn about people around you and increase the conversation level that feel comfortable enough to share personal vulnerability, entertain and fully present in time spending with others


Remember there are no right or wrong questions. It’s the intention behind the questions that makes the difference.


Ernst Cenege


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