3 Simple Steps To Change Your Life


What people want in life is completely different when you ask someone what is they want and to accomplish in life. Because if you really had the minimum or simple idea about the life you want;  Would you probably find some simple steps to change your life?

We all have dream and goals. Some people feel in order to go after their dream; they feel that they had to give up something in some way in their life. Yes, it’s true in order to get something or go somewhere you need to give up something. (For example: Give up the place you are to get where you are going.) At least you agree with me…

And other people said I have been trying for years doing this but could get nothing out of it… first I think you would be agreed that people don’t really spend years doing something. This is a human myth. Some people after 2 or 3 attempts they stop and give up. But for them it a lot that they have give up to try 1 or 2, 3 times.

I know for fact,  we all have in a moment of our life that we have tried doing things but it happens we didn’t get done or finish it for better say accomplish what we where wanted to do. We all have gone through some of those moments like these.

In the inside you whispering “But I want to change my life” and “I need to change  my life.”

And the problems is not because we didn’t try, rather is we didn’t try enough. Or we didn’t go through the right track. Life is never been a straight line. There are a lot of trial and errors. Some people stop too soon and some others didn’t even start because they have this presupposition what if I don’t make it? What if…

We often are looking at giant problems in life and in our life. The biggest problem of the human being is not as big as we might think. Some of the real people of our life come from really simple things that we are not aware of. Like just a simple WHAT IF? But as we tend that is should be something bigger that so we don’t aware of this only kill human potential and capability.

We are a survival mechanism, I mean by that we can adapt to any situation. Most people can get into any field or area of their life and alone the way they adjust with the unknown or unexpected experience that they might face. But until you are not in the situation your mind, body and spirit will not know how to adjust because there are not in the zone of change.


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 How can I make change in my life?

If you understand a little what I want to explain to you in those paragraphs, your life will never be the same.

The driving force of life is not what we think of… People get the drive in a real situation. That is why the moment you emerge yourself into the DO’ you state of mind is changing according to the current trajectory. A lot of what we learn, we gather them in the way through experiencing each step from the process.

We would never imagine so many knowledge we gain from doing a particular task, what you do to change your life is coming from stepping to the outside gate of where our focus goes, or from starting a new project. But if you didn’t get in the finish line the time we suppose to. We feel all those were in vain. Mean we feel failing ourselves. In the really we forget all the experience we get from the very beginning to where we arrive now.


As Thomas A. Edison Quote it:  I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

What is a different mindset right Thomas A. Edison have!


Do you need a change in my life?

I think it should be the moment to reflect a little bit and get aware of our consciousness to find in ourself the need to change if you have to,   Otherwise, there is no point. Change is not for everyone! But if you are in a situation of need it, you will need to see your life from a different perspective.

How could we be able to see the thing in a different angle, different aspect, through the right mental attitude of getting a different point of view? When we change the way we see the current stage of our life, will be the moment that you change your life.

It will be stepping in a new state of mind where you no longer see yourself as a failure according to the result. But you see clearly how you are able to get into a new place that you have tried to… And the experience will serve in a further way.

What you do now can truly change your life in a good or bad way.

There are several ways to change your life. It can be by hiring a coach or mentor, through study, by reading a good book, through a seminar or even just meet someone that has a tremendous impact in your life. But if you want to get in your way here are 3 simple steps to start.


comfort zone
comfort zone

Get Out Of Comfort Zone

Most people are sleeping in their comfort zone… just because they are afraid to try something new even there don’t know the clear result. Life is full of adventure to be explored. But we often scare of getting in those adventures just to feel safe and secure. And we prefer to stay where we are in our comfort without realizing this is one of the reasons we don’t achieve our goal in life and not even close to getting to our destiny. The comfort zone is preventing you and keeping you out of reaching the beauty of a total life’s changing.

Another reason most people don’t know what is capable of, what are their true potential is because they stay in the cage of comfort, get trapped by the fear of something might be wrong, or that what if I don’t do well in this or that generally by just take the first action all the fear is to remove from us. It is true comfort zone feel good because it’s a no practical action in motion but It is amazing when you deploy your real power to achieve something great in life. You reach and discover the new you. That is one of the crucial parts of inner human life that we miss out till now.


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right mental attitude
right mental attitude

The Right Mental Attitude

Just because we put a limitation in our life it doesn’t mean we cannot arrive further that we are. IT doesn’t mean we are to capable of doing what is extraordinary. We can only discover our talent and our true passion when we put ourselves out of there and start to giving what and who we are from that we will come across of realizing something amazing because it comes from within.

It’s easy to get trap by our mental limitation that stops us from exploring the true beauty about life. It is easy to get by from all the pre-made and negative thought that is only to discourage us from making even first steps. It’s one of the most painful just the fact you are unconscious and unaware of knowing what you are capable of doing. What you could have done but you don’t because you were fear the take the leap of faith and start the process.

  • We are strong but we don’t know that.
    We have the courage but we don’t know that.
    We have capabilities but we don’t know that.
    We have so many inner values but we don’t even imagine those because we stay in a safe zone that gives us the strength necessary to stretch our mind by expanding thought.

When we think different we become different.

What would change your life if you are willing to change your mental attitude? And the way you can do that is through finding the meaning of your life and see it better as it is. The moment you can think different because most people see problems and struggle that might appear on the way.


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See Life Though Better

Mean they see problems even before its there. If you could see it better than it is,  than you are far better of finding what your life want. And that will change your life completely.

As a Human being, we feel the fear of jumping into a new thing but get cultivate a right mental attitude you will be able to find the inner strength to face the fear and deal with it but don’t get scary for a way before you even start.

Nobody ever achieves greatness in life and regret it. And no greatness comes without risking and doing scary things. Your willpower will only show up when you put yourself in the condition of the real intense state. Not in the comfort but in high unexpected pressure of realizing something greater than normal. This is in the moment where you will truly give what is in your gut, the effort necessary to matter. From that, all your inner strength come together will boost you up because the situation is demanding it.

Some of us have those pivotal moments when we say to yourself if I could have this or that (this career, this job, this business, this relationship, etc… ) it will be a life changing. Is it true?


How can I change my life for better

With this simple truth, you can change the core of your life by altering the right mental attitude toward life. From that point, your attitude becomes the driving force that shifts everything for you. Your attitude to change your circumstances. It might not be a process that will be easy. Any change takes time, courage and effort. The good comes from the true… you can only alter your life by altering by your attitude.

My question for you is:  Do you want to change your life and feel better about what you do?

If you answer yes, I think you need to ask yourself what can I do to change my life?

The greatest discovery of human being found you can improve your life and attitude by changing your behavior from the way you conduct your thought process. The clear path of getting what you want is by changing the way you see things. If you cannot change the current circumstances, just changing your attitude toward and you will dramatically change your life for better.

Man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind. William James.


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