Why People Fail To Achieve What They Want In Life

Do you ever feel block in some circumstances, or any moment that you slow down yourself from doing what you know you have and wanted to do?

Could you imagine a scenario like this in your personal life when you feel held back from acting at your normal best?

You’re wondering why people fail to achieve what they want in life?

Most of the time we lost faith in our ability, and not confident enough to take ourselves to the next point of our daily activities, we afraid of being the judge.

We get in a stage of seeing ourselves unable to do what we wanted to do. We see there are close limitations from reaching some of the things that we have in mind.

We totally doubt our capacity, fear of not be able to… and in deep trends of self-limitation.


Remember this old saying:

“He who think he can or he can’t, the both are right.”


In fact, sometimes it might seem so profound but the truth always speaks loud. Your belief about something often became your reality.

The difference between those people that always get what they want compare to those that always miss out the opportunity to get as well what they want is;

the first group that considering the 2% when they face circumstances that block them they see themselves not getting what they want yet.

And all the rest people think that they cannot get what they want, and see themselves will never be able to get what they wanted.


“IF you are not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you are not doing anything innovative.” Woody Allen


How often you and I start a project or a task and facing some difficulties and we let go by just feeling that it’s too difficult to achieve it.

We automatically move to another and another thing until we running our life moving from things to things, but never take real time to achieve something greater than ourselves.

Be able to accomplish something can be one of the best sources of satisfaction.

When we see that we had spent our resources, efforts, time and energy to contribute to what could serve others and to us.

Give us inner joy, peace, and happiness that we can build, perform and creating goods into life.



So What Prevent Us from getting what we Want in Life…?

Think—– Feel—–Belief

Whatever we think about, we can feel it and when we can feel it we believe it.

What so ever we do, we use our thinking to process it. Some people have and need long time to think about.

And others have a rush-thinking process that takes just very few short periods of time to think.

No matter if you are fast or slow thinking in the process, the real things are anyhow you use your thinking to lead you to the exact action or the response you are going to take.

N.B checkbook: Thinking fast and slow


All our behaviors comes from the feeling that we have something inside us that effect in such way to see and sense it, experience it to our understanding.

As soon as we get it clear we become so sure that something is right and good worth the trust we believe it.

So the question is how often we believe something is good and right?

Do we feel it and do we think of it over with a slow and fast process that enable it enough to Believe.

Either what we want to realize in life, career or profession.

Do we get to the point we believe in ourselves that we are going to trust our process thinking to feel and believe till we accomplish what is matter and have meaning?


“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley


Many people are conditioning their life by what they experience in their childhood.

And grow with certain beliefs of what there can or can’t, what is used to be.

Time change but often we running the same pattern of those beliefs that we learn from our parents, teacher or those people that had major influence into our life.

Those concepts and beliefs are what is dragging us down from getting the real result that we are seeking in the present reality.

By not getting what we want. We are discouraging and fall into self-pity of feeling that we are not capable of doing good and right things.

We stop from where we feel blocked, become less determine, hopeless, deprive of courage, shy to even try, and most of the time demoralize by feeling already defeated.

Lead to the consequence’s failing to Act.

No Action lead to getting nothing as result, and the unsatisfaction…

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How can you create Inner Change?

Try -Fail – Success

It’s absolutely true many of us have been thought and experiences everything that were converted in shortage from having and reaching the abundance.

We have learned that most of the things are available in a small portion.

That we cannot have everything that we want. And the big lie is that there are certain status that are impossible to attained because we should or shouldn’t.

As we grow, there is a big loss in self-belief.

Our faith of aiming some of the things that appear big is decreasing because we had been conditioning that we will never be able to achieve a big dream.

And we stop completely from acting at the best performance.

We fail always to give the maximum of energy in our job, career and in our daily routine task.

We lose to have the right attitude, the right approach that is the essence of the world-class performer and producer.


“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins


We become so lazy in even doing what we already know how to do. It likes having a decease knowing that we are not good enough, we do believe don’t that we don’t have enough ability to get things done.

In the other hand, some people have a story that they drag for whole life why they cant have, do or be what they really want and needs.

Stories that stop any realization of what is matter to them.

Usually, they have specific languages, saying why they cannot, or I am that way for that reason they don’t have this or that and they even try few things but no actually make any difference.

The reality is after we try once or two times doing a thing that is not working we automatically come up with those reasons why and why and why we cannot.


The belief that we have after experience so many fall back, smashed and fails to achieve our task, we give up because we feel that we can coop with the obstacle that we face,

because of that the belief we gain from not being able to do something strengthen our mind to perceive this thought often in our head.

That is why we always repeat the same negativity words in our conversation with others.

And for a full day with just complaining, whining instead of seeking for a new way, new direction, new strategy to get ourselves more into action that conduct to the end of the good result.

Our limiting beliefs have been shaping by the dogma of others that power and authority or someone that had a major impact on our early stage of growth.

And specifically this practical in childhood development.

We have been conditioning by the decision of our parents, peer groups and other problems that sometimes affecting us and create a big impact on our lives in an indirect way.

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How do we craft and break the limiting Belief

Human being has so much within them that we use only 2 percent of the capacity of functioning to our brain. We can do much more than we think we can. And we have so much great potential to accomplish whatever we think about.

As Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever your mind can conceive it can be achieved.”

To break the inner pattern and achieve our goal and ambition in life we need to get right the mind by seeking a way to expand in our will.

To become more flexible and practical in assessing the capacity requirements through work to get better and make happen what you what really want in life and looking after.

In order to raise yourself up to succeed, it requires a high level of consistency and effort following by the right attitude and you need to be determined enough to stay in the game when struggle and obstacle face you.

Most of us have goals to achieve but never set a goal to stay determined enough, consistent in any circumstances, to believe that you can achieve your dream and find the way to live at your highest best.

You wonder why I cannot have what I want in life.


The answer is so profound.

  • Do you really have to patient to hold on your dream?
  • Don’t you think that you had given up to follow your dream too soon?
  • Do you see It worth doing what you are really want to do?


Just take a few moments to reflect a little about and ask you those questions and make the effort to come up with a different answer to work on.

That could be the game changer for you as it has been for others.

Get convincing what you want and believe it so deep that you bit on yourself each and every chance and opportunity that appear.


“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter


This is your challenge and mine to re-conditioning our mind and belief, re-program the daily routine that we had into a new form of life in other to behave better and in a different way no matter where we are and what we need to do to shape and altered completely our life.

When we do that the whole world changes into our favor and open up our mind to see clearly and understand the right direction to perceive the right path that leads us to greater achievement and inner satisfaction.


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Ernst Cenege

Author Be More To Be A Better You



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